The Importance of Pap Smears

The Importance of Pap Smears

Today's blog post is something a little different and for good reason! At the beginning of the year, one of my best friends was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. At the time she was working with me on-board and quite honestly, we were all completely shocked. Without...

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Online Wine Courses

Online Wine Courses

Online Courses Whether you are for them, or against them, online courses seem to be the hot topic right now amongst Stewardesses. I am all for continuing your education and making the most out of every situation. Being stuck in a pandemic can be daunting and being...

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Iso Job’s List

Iso Job’s List

YAY after 2 months of solid guest trips, I have had a day off! And the first thing I did was have a massive, and well deserved 12 hours sleep, it was the BEST! I am feeling well-rested and have spent the past two days reading a book & laying in the sunshine....

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Cigar’s: Types & Smoke Time

Cigar’s: Types & Smoke Time

In an effort to continue learning, I have been taking a few online courses. When deciding what courses to take, I asked myself...  "What topic would I be unable to teach the Interior about?" Cigars came to mind, so I decided to try out an online Cigar Course! I went...

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Five ways to be a better human

Five ways to be a better human

FIVE ways to become a better human during this isolation period. Call Family & Freinds You know, the ones that you have been putting off due to being "too busy". You aren't too busy, and now more than ever, human connection is what we all need. Isolation for many...

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Easy to-do stretches!

Easy to-do stretches!

Happy Thursday Friends!! Part TWO of The Yacht Stew's guest edit with Alessia is LIVE & as promised, we are chatting all about stretching! Let's face it, we all work insanely hard, spend countless hours on our feet and rarely have time to focus on ourselves. As a...

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Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks

At the core of this platform, I have always wanted it to be about Community & Collaboration over Competition. So today, I am really excited to be sharing our first GUEST EDIT! Recently the lovely Alessia reached out to me and asked if she should write something...

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Long  Distance ~ Part 1

Long Distance ~ Part 1

As many of you know, I have been doing long distance with my husband this past summer. At the beginning of our relationship, we spent 11 days together in 6 months and we certainly didn't expect to have to do it again! And while I would have loved to of spent every day...

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Yacht Stewardess Courses

Service Q&A

I recently received an email from a lovely Yacht Stewardess that is about to take on her first Head of Service Role! She had a few questions for me and I thought it would be great to share them with all of you! When stepping into a Head of Department role for the...

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From Stew to Chef

From Stew to Chef

Being onboard yachts we are all so fortunate to have our meals prepared for us. I have tried various delicacies onboard that I may of never tasted otherwise. The whole idea of the Chief Stew testing the guest food so she can further explain it to the guests is...

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Working With Family

Working With Family

A few years ago I started following a Stewardess called Arina on Instagram! Over the years we would be docked next to each other in beautiful Birish Columbia, Canada, but sadly, we never had the chance to meet in person. As luck would have it, a little over a year ago...

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Don’t have a massive flower budget on-board? Curious as to what it’s like to sail around Alaska? Or have you saved beach picnics to your Pinterest board? If you said YES to any of these, then this episode of @theyachtstewpodcast is for YOU 💗 (link in bio)

Briony is the queen of creatively sourcing items for her tablesettings and drawing inspiration from her surroundings 🏔

Would you like to do a summer season in Alaska?! 🦌
This is quite possible the prettiest dayhead I’ve EVER SEEN 😍

I’ve been running low on creativity today, so I picked out 5 new recipes to try this week & spent time looking at gorgeous images like this on Pinterest. 

How do you spark creativity?! 

📷 @yachtsweetescape
Curious about what it’s like to be a Head of Housekeeping or Hairdresser/Stewardess?!

I’ll be interviewing some amazing Stews soon for season 2 of @theyachtstewpodcast & would love to hear from you! What questions do you have for a HOH or Hair/Stew?!

A few questions I’ll be asking...
What are the steps you take when you first join a HK team?
Favorite time saving tricks?
What makes a great HK stew?

What items do you bring to the boat?
How do you know what products to order for the season?
Tips for stews who don’t have time to see a hairdresser?

Let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it to my interview question list 💗


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Raise your hand if you’re ready to start yachting 🙋🏼‍♀️

I’m sharing all of my top tips to help you get started! I’ve put together a Instagram GUIDE that’s easy to access and go back to when needed. The guide can be edited and if you have recommendations of more things to add please send me a DM or leave a comment 🙌🏻

📷 @feather_grace
Do you have a go-to cocktail or wine book?

I’ve just shared a few of my favorites over on Reels 🎥 My all time favorite cocktail book is Death & Co... but it’s still on my old boat, so I wasn’t able to add it to the mix 🤦🏼‍♀️

Share your favorites below & save this post as a future reference 🍹

P.S this photo is from our @luxmtrainingacademy branding shoot! We’re putting the final touches on the mixology course this evening 🙌🏻
From Fashion Design in Paris 💃🏼 to Chief Stew, @randiatsea has literally done it all! She even spent several years working as a Crew Agent!

In this episode of @theyachtstewpodcast we talk about how YOU can stand out from the crowd when job hunting, juggling entrepreneurship + yachting... plus! Randi shares her experience of working with her husband (he’s the captain!)

Randi is a firm believer in video interviews 🎥 I’ve always been hesitant of them, however, I definitely see the value of a face to face call! Do you do video interviews onboard? Any advice for anyone that has a video call coming up?

While the thought of a New Year may bring feelings of joy and excitement for some, it was recently sharing in our 'TYS - Stew Chat’ on Facebook, that for others it brings overwhelming feelings of loneliness, lack of adventure and uncertainty about their future. 

You might be the only female on your vessel and need some girl time. Maybe you're a Chief Stew that just needs some downtime from keeping her team positive and motivated. Perhaps you would like to take on a new hobby to keep you occupied. Or you read good reviews of a restaurant close by that you would like to go explore with a friend. 

If this resonates with you, leave a comment below! Tell us what port you’re in & your fav hobbies!

You can also join our TYS - Stew Chat on Facebook (Link in Bio) where we discuss anything and everything in a judgement-free zone and allow space for Stews to share interests and ideas.

Lockdown is hard and while you might not have people physically around you, you are not alone.

📷 @tipplesandtables (a MUST follow!)
Salaries 💵💰
Last week I asked your thoughts on an appropriate salaries for a Chief Stew on various sized vessels! Thank you the HUNDREDS of stews who replied 🙌🏻 I’ve put the average number below!

I also want to share that I don’t agree with all of these numbers, so I would to hear from you! How do you ask a pay rise or negotiate during the interview process?! Any tips you could share with everyone? {or, you can anonymously share tips in the question box that I just shared to my stories} 

25m - 30m: €4000
31m - 40m: €4000
41m - 50m: €6000
51m - 60m: €6000
61m - 70m: €6500
71m - 80m: €8000
81m - 90m: €8000
91m - 100m: €8500+
101m+: €9000 - €12000 (This category was just all over the show!)

P.S. When it comes to accepting a salary, don’t just say yes because you feel scared of speaking up. Chances are, there is wiggle room with the salary & the Captain is just testing the waters with their first proposal.
Remember your worth! 💗


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Long Distance 💗

Ben and I are 6 into LD with another 2(ish) months to go, so I thought I would share a few things I’m doing differently this time with long distance:

✨ I make a conscious effort to make time to speak with him when his schedule allows. As I’m now land based, I have the luxury of being in control of my schedule & on-board he doesn’t, so I do what I can to chat with him. If he can’t talk, then I let him know I’m here cheering him on 🙌🏻

✨ I try to plan surprises for him through the crew onboard! (Thank you for wrapping gifts from me @she_is_a_wanderess )

✨ Ben sends me songs now and again, so I add them to a playlist & listen when I’m really missing him

✨ I’m putting myself first, through learning how to cook, taking long baths, enjoying The Crown on Netflix. I’ve never had extended periods of time alone, so I’ve had a mindset shift of seeing this as a gift.

Are you doing long distance right now?! Any tips you can share?? 

P.S @theyachtstewpodcast episode on LD will be live Feb 4th!
BUTLER TRAINING with @coppolaconcierge ✨

I asked a first time listener what her main take-ways were from @theyachtstewpodcast episode with @jackcoppola and here are her thoughts! {episode link is in my bio}

✨It was very interesting to hear all about his experience with being on the flip-side; a glimpse into 'the glam life' traveling with guests and experiencing what it was like to be a guest on board. I made so many notes on how he used this experience to his advantage when he became a crew member.

✨ Great advice for Chief Stews hired as a temp or just before a last minute guest trip - how to prepare for it and what to prioritise. 

✨ I never knew how transferable hospitality skills were to so many other industries. I realised there’s no amount of investment in improving yourself with courses that will go wasted. Everything you learn in hospitality can be transferred to another industry or ‘life after yachting’.

Have you had a chance to listen to this episode yet?
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