The yacht stew notebook

 Yacht Stews! Hands up if you have a journal.

Now keep your hands up if that is just one in a pile holding your work life together.

Imagine having one beautiful planner specifically with everything you need for personal and work planning – specifically for yachting!

We’ve got you covered with our 90-day Chief Stew Notebook and Yacht Stew Notebook!



Chief Stew Notebook

Our fabulous planner is specifically designed for Chief Stews to help you organise tasks, your team, your personal goals, and a cheat sheet for daily and monthly duties onboard.

It includes:

Daily and weekly plans, including your to-do list, priorities, who you need to email and more!

Review your month and progress to help you have an even better following month.

Track your team’s progress.

Weekly and monthly duties cheat sheet to create a seamless and thriving interior.

Track your water intake (because let’s face it, you’re probably not drinking enough.)

How to write goals that you’ll actually stick to.




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Yacht Stew Notebook

Superyacht Stews, this one is for you!

Curated for yacht stews to help you stay organised and on top of everything – both work related AND personal, plus it will even prep you for when you step up to Chief Stew.

It includes:

Weekly check-ins to ensure you’re feeling confident, organised and looking after YOU.

Pages to plan your week at work with that never-ending yachtie to-do list.

⚓ Monthly calendar to keep track of when your performance reviews are due and those all important vacation days.




Find your country below to order!

This is the perfect yacht stew journal for your adventures at sea! I wish I had this when I first started yachting! Ships super fast and makes a great gift! … Highly recommend getting this for your adventures at sea!

Randi - Chief Stew

Verified Amazon Review

Your Questions Answered

Is this planner dated?
No, you can start this planner on any date and use it for the course of 90 days.
Do you ship to any other countries?
Yes! As well as the above countries, the notebooks are available on Amazon Australia, Poland, Sweden and Japan.  Search “The Yacht Stew” on those Amazon pages!
Is it paperback or hardcover?
Both! We offer both paperback and hardcover options!
How do I find this on Amazon?
Either click the links above or search for “The Yacht Stew” in the Amazon search bar.

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