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TYS Academy is proud to be an IAMI GUEST accredited school as well as an endorsed training academy through the Institute of Hospitality. We’re not just another academy; we’re your fellow yachties, your mentors, and your biggest supporters.


Don’t sacrifice your earning whilst learning.

The Yacht Stew Academy offers accredited online training so you can develop the right skills at the right time. With 6 month access from sign-up date, you can work around your schedule, whether that be while on watch, during an afternoon on charter break, or on a day off. TYS Academy has been built to work around YOU!

Why train with The Yacht Stew Academy

Meet future colleagues, mentors and friends as you learn with TYS Academy.

personalised support

From day one, you’re not just a student—you’re part of our TYSA family. Expect personalized attention, tailored advice, and unwavering support as you navigate your stewardess journey.

Flexibility to Fit Your Scheule

We understand that life at sea isn’t a regular 9-to-5 routine. That’s why our online courses are available whenever, wherever. Study at your own pace, on your own time, and take control of your learning journey.

Expertise from Ex-Chief Stews

Our entire team are all ex-Chief Stews, so we understand the unique challenges and triumphs of life onboard. We’ve been there, done that, and now we’re here to guide you through it all.

Free Junior Stewardess Starter Kit

You’re excited and ready to begin your yachting career, but at the same time, you’re thinking “What on earth will I actually be doing on a day-to-day basis? And HOW do I do it properly?”.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

For a limited time, enroll in our Junior Stewardess Housekeeping or Junior Stew Service courses and get your exclusive Junior Stew Starter Kit for free!

Free Starter Kit Includes:

Crew Agent Signup Tracker, Dockwalking Planner, Job Application Tracker, Packing Checklist, Cocktail Recipe Cards, Coffee Cheat Sheet, Sample Interview Questions with awesome answer tips, and much more to kickstart your yachting career!

Click either of the courses below to check them out!

Junior Stewardess Housekeeping:

Starting your yachting career can feel overwhelming. Our Housekeeping course helps you feel confident and prepared. Learn how to keep a superyacht spotless, master laundry techniques, and the common mistakes to avoid.

Junior Stew Service:

Service can be nerve-wracking for new stews. This course breaks down everything you need to know to feel confident. From setting the perfect table, what all the different cutlery is for, to serving wine and making cocktails, we’ve got you covered.

At TYSA, we’re dedicated to empowering yacht stewardesses and stewards to excel in their careers through comprehensive training, exclusive events, and a supportive community.

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned professional, TYSA offers a range of courses and resources tailored to your needs.

TYSA Courses

Explore our diverse range of courses designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the fast-paced and exciting world of yachting. From Junior Crew training to Chief Stew and Interior Management skill development, TYSA provides comprehensive education curated by industry experts, who are all ex yacht crew and have all been in your position.

GUEST Courses

As part of our commitment to excellence, TYSA collaborates with GUEST (Guidelines for Unified Excellence in Service Training) to offer internationally recognized certification programs. Elevate your Stewardess skills and expand your career opportunities with our GUEST courses.

TYSA Membership

Unlock exclusive benefits and resources by joining the TYSA membership community. Gain access to premium content, networking opportunities, and member-only events designed to foster professional growth and camaraderie within the yacht stewardess/ steward community.

Exclusive Events

Join us for exclusive events tailored to enriching your career and connecting with fellow yacht professionals. From crew meet-ups, to brunches, wine tastings and more! TYSA events provide invaluable opportunities to learn, grow, and build lasting relationships.


At TYSA, we believe in the power of community. Join our supportive network of yacht stewardesses and stewards from around the world who share your passion for yachting. Connect with like-minded yachties, share insights, and celebrate your wins together.

Kind Words from TYSA Students

Here’s what some of our wonderful students had to say…

Emily Rickard, IAMI Guest: Destination, Events & Interior Management Student

“I LOVED doing the “IAMI Guest: Destination, Events & Interior Management” course, The fact the course covered so much will be so useful throughout my career, and I’ll definitely be delving back into it more than once. I definitely feel more informed, and more confident! 

I felt so supported throughout the duration of this course with the 1-1 calls and I never once felt like I couldn’t reach out for support or help if I needed it. I loved being able to watch videos as well as read text and complete quizzes, it’s a really multi-faceted course. 

The assignments were also so fun and I really enjoyed doing them. Overall the whole experience was amazing, so much so I’ve just purchased two more courses! Highly recommend!”

Georgia Orme, Advanced Interior Management & Head of Service Student

Thank you TYS for the Zoom call today; it’s such an enjoyable part of the course. I got full clarification on feedback, could ask questions and gain more insight into leading a department successfully. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who needs that extra push and confidence boost before stepping up or starting a new role.

I also love how the course is always available to you upon completion, so you can also go back for reference if needed. Plus, the TYA team are lovely and thorough in their work; I can trust that I am learning from the best (albeit virtually!).

Lucie Mostyn, Foundations of Mixology Student

“I greatly enjoyed the course, I found it full of useful and new information. I loved the mixture of reading, download and video material, it made for an easy and interesting study. Having the quizzes at the end of each module pushed me to remember the information I was writing down and is an effective way to raise my study level.

I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to feel confident starting out behind the bar learning some key skills, and methods and setting you up well to grow as a mixologist!”

Alexia, Junior Stew Housekeeping Student

“I signed up for the Junior Stew Housekeeping course in order to further my existing housekeeping knowledge to Superyacht standard prior to commencing my first season as a stew and have found it nothing short of amazing so far.

The video modules, PDF printouts of products and methods, and information are very thorough and I’m learning lots. Can’t wait to put it to use.

Thanks for creating the course and I look forward to completing it! 👏🏽🙌🏽”

Find the Perfect Course for You

Whether you’re a Senior, Experienced or Junior Stew, we’ve got a course for you.

Click on a category below to see what’s available.

If you’d like to chat with our training team about which course would be ideal for you, just drop us an email at [email protected] and we’re always happy to help!

Hear from more Happy TYSA Students…

Join the TYSA Community & Come to our Exclusive Events!

Here at The Yacht Stew Academy, we LOVE bringing Stews together, both online and at our in-person events, whether it’s through exclusive Wine Tasting Masterclasses, Stew Brunches, our yearly Yacht Stew Soireé, Tablescape Competitions or our Happy Hour Pool Parties!


There is something for everyone and we’d LOVE for you to join us! Here are some photos from some of the events we’ve hosted.

Create the Career You Want
with Flexible Online Learning

Whether you are a Junior Steward(ess) or Interior Manager,
our courses will help you advance your career in the direction you want.

Remote Courses:

Study whenever and wherever, without sacrificing job opportunities.

Learn Through Projects:

Enjoy learning new skills with interactive assignments directly from the suppliers you will work with. These projects focus on real-life situations and tasks.

Transferrable Skills:

Our courses will equip you to excel both during and after your time within the Yachting Industry.

Small Class Sizes:

You’re a part of the Yacht Stew community and can talk directly to your trainer and fellow students.

Ready to take a course?

Email us at [email protected]

and our training team will help you decide where to start.

Everything you need to step into new roles with confidence.

With the yachting industry rapidly growing and evolving, flexible training is becoming essential.

As long-time yachting professionals, we understand what it’s like to build a career in luxury hospitality. And we know how lonely it can feel when you’re building your career on your own.

TYS Team has more than 20 years of experience working within all aspects of the Interior on Private & Charter yachts from 35m to 100m.

That’s why we’ve created a fully-accredited, flexible, remote-learning program for yachting professionals of all levels.

Whether you are a junior stewardess or the chief stew, our courses will help you build your dream career.

And best of all, our community will be there to support you and cheer you on every step of the way.


The Yacht Stew Team

What to Expect at TYS Academy



Regardless of your background, you are welcome to study and grow your professional goals with us. We strongly believe in community over competition. And to us, community means everyone is welcome



Our goal is to give you the tools and training to become the ultimate service professional. So it goes without saying that every question is welcome at TYS Academy. As one of our Captains used to say in terms of safety, “there’s no such thing as a stupid question.” And the same is true for your education and professional growth.



The world is vast and the human race is diverse. We believe yachting should be a reflection of exactly that. We wish to see the yachting community reflect the world we travel, and to accept, train and support a rich and diverse community.



From toilet paper folds to extravagant table settings to decadent cocktails. There are so many avenues to express your unique creativity. We’ve taken this same innate concept and applied it to how we’ve built TYS Academy. We approach every step of our course program with out-of-the-box thinking. We are passionate about delivering highly informative, yet fun and digestible courses.



We believe in bringing a level of professionalism, warmth, and humility in training. That together aims to not only uphold the high level of standards that already exist in the industry but to push them further.

When you train with TYS Academy you will be benefiting from this. You will walk into your position with the finesse and knowledge that ensures your expertise is clear.

We can help you grow your career no matter where you call Home

Partners & Accreditations

Proud Members of:

How it works

Bespoke learning in 3 easy steps



Not sure where to start? We offer a free 15-minute Zoom consultation to suggest which courses might suit you best, in which order, and (best of all) why we recommend that progression.



All TYS Academy courses are offered remotely, with a thriving community and engaging instructors. You’ll never just “sit and read.” Our courses include resource based projects, with real assessments and targeted feedback on your work.



With the knowledge and skills acquired through TYS Academy training, you’ll build a long, successful career in yachting. You’ll also get an accredited certificate to add to your CV.

Got a question? Check out our frequently asked questions.

Are your courses accredited?

Yes, all TYS Academy courses are accredited through various awarding bodies within the UK and the Maritime Industry. We have also partnered with Industry professionals to ensure the course content is relevant and up-to-date with the ever changing demands of the industry.

What do I need to complete a TYS Academy course?

You simply need internet and access to a tablet (iPad) or laptop and motivation to reach your career goals!

How is the content taught?

We believe that Online content should be interactive and fun, similar to what you would expect from a classroom setting. Therefore, all modules include a variety of presentations, voiceovers, videos, images and downloadable templates. Several of our courses also include interactive assessments which will be reviewed by your instructor.

Can I study at my own pace?

Yes! We have designed these courses to ensure that you can manage your own time which is why you will have access for the course for 6 months from the start up date. If you are unable to complete the course during this time, please reach out to [email protected] to discuss your options.

Do I get a certificate?

Absolutely! We want you to be able to put your hard work and effort on your CV and showcase what a fabulous asset you are to an Interior Team.

Are the courses updated regularly?

Yes, the courses are reviewed on a biannual basis. These updates are based on changes within the industry, insight provided by student feedback forms and direct communication with Shipyards, Captains, Owners Representatives and Owners.

Do you provide onboard training?

At TYS Academy, we believe in creating bespoke packages that fit the needs of yourself and the vessel. Please email [email protected] to discuss onboard training options.

Ready to start learning?

Chat with a member of The Yacht Stew Academy team!

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