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YAY after two months of solid guest trips, I have had a day off! And the first thing I did was have a massive and well deserved 12 hours sleep; it was the BEST! I am feeling well-rested and have spent the past two days reading a book & soaking up the sunshine.

Now back to work!
With many boats still on lockdown, several Chief Stews have asked me to share a job list to keep the team busy! I understand that so many of you have probably been stuck in a yard for nearly two months now. Not being allowed out to socialize or do your hobbies is a challenge. It can quickly become monotonous, and creativity is sometimes hard to come by when work slows down.

So here is a list of yard jobs I have thought of to help you out when you are ‘stuck’ for things to do in the interior 


Decoration Cupboard

  • Make a list of anything you want to purchase and bin anything looking too old.
  • Colour code placemats – This makes things so much easier on charter
  •  Label the decor areas – Don’t even try and tell me you don’t all love label makers!! *If you throw anything out, add it to an “eliminated items inventory”. I created one, and it’s been beneficial to keep track of when items left the boat and the reason for it – you never know when the Captain or Owner will ask for something specific that they may have told you to throw away months ago!

Laundry room cupboards – Throw away any unnecessary products. You will thank me later!

Interior Storage Areas – We have a bonded store on the tank deck at the top of my “to organize” list!

Crew Provisions – make a list of everything you have and a list of what you want to stock up on

Inventory EVERYTHING. This can be anything from crew toiletries to hidden areas under the guest beds. We use Sortly App onboard & it has changed the way I view inventories (in a good way!!)

Practise your safety drills and scenarios – An important one and something that everyone always needs more practice on.



Check expiry dates on all crew food

Re-label crew food and toiletry areas i.e. cereal & snack containers, toothpaste, sanitary products

Detail the crew mess – Everything from the toaster to the microwave, to the table legs

Detail the laundry room – Get in all those hidden spots in the washing machines and air vents (this is safety prevention too)

Do a laundry competition (I have a list for ‘All Things Laundry’ COMING SOON!)

Detail the pantry’s – Salt and peppers, trays, food hatch etc

Fun Projects

Make a boat ‘WANT’ list on Amazon – This is a super fun thing to do, an excellent idea for some interior bonding.

Tidy up the candles – make sure they look neat, clean and ready for use
Here’s an idea, melt and mix any bits hanging off into one and create a new candle. It can even be a little present for one of your stews!

Make a guest ‘Must see’ restaurants/ bars/ activities booklet. This will be your go-to list for trips! But, of course, you could also make a nicely presented one for guests.

Make guest playlists for different occasions – Spotify is the BEST for doing this! Also, please share your playlist on the TYS – Stew Chat Facebook group!

Make a crew cleaning playlist.

Learn some essential yoga/ meditation that you could maybe teach your guests every morning

Make a boat video from previous charters to show guests on arrival

Update all guest welcome folders

Interior bonding days – mood board making, games (I have created a team-building folder on Pinterest. Click HERE to check it out!

Courses, online wine tasting (I am looking into this over the next few days, so watch this space!)

Cocktail making, silver service practice – This is great for the whole interior to get involved in. You can even make a game out of it!

One crew member cooks crew lunch every day – This can be hilarious and super fun, something for the whole crew if you are all struggling.

I hope you love all my points; please let me know if you have any other ideas, I would love to add them to this list for everyone!

Big Hugs,

Gem xo

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