On Charter Beauty Routine


My motto for on charter makeup is to look polished, neat & elegant.

In the morning, after washing my face, I do my 7-min makeup routine. It never takes longer (unless in distracted on instagram) and I really enjoy knowing that I can be efficient in the morning, giving me extra time for a cup of tea!

Since I use waterproof mascara, I have found it to be really REALLY important to purchase a fantastic make up remover for night-time. This helps keep me on track in the morning with a fresh & clean face! I found that makeup wipes typically sting my skin, so I use Micellar water. It’s really inexpensive & works brilliantly!



Morning Routine:
~ Wash my face (very quickly)
~ Light moisturizer – Mac Strobe cream in Goldlite
~ MAC pro-longwear nourishing waterproof that I apply with my fingers and then blend it out with a (clean!) damp sponge.
~ Nars creamy concealer – If I have any spots or my dark circles are particularly bad I use concealer at this point
Set everything with a light powder, translucent or a mineral powder is best as you can top up a little throughout the day if you get a bit shiny and it won’t go cakey.
~ Bronzer: I have a plethora of bronzer, that I love – Charlotte Tilbury bronze and glow and MAC Refined Golden Bronzer are two of my favourites and I apply this in a butterfly/”3” shape around the outside of my face.  

At this point I add the “finishing touches”, mascara, brows, etc, everyone is very different about how they like to do their makeup – Blusher, highlight, lipsticks, liner. 

Top Tip:
If you practice your routine there’s no need to be hogging the bathroom in the morning.


Basic morning routine:

~ Quick Cleanse: normally using cold water to wake up my skin
~ Eye cream (if it was a late night)
~ Moisturizer
~ Quick make up application (foundation, blush/bronzer, mascara, lip balm).

My make up generally stays put during the day and in the evenings I usually give it a quick touch up, especially if I’m on service.  I’ll add some lipstick and a quick powder to look fresh and ready before I serve dinner. 

Top Tip:
Sun cream – Often your day cream or foundation will come with a built in sun protection, which is probably just fine for us as we don’t spend as much time in the sun as our beloved deck crew.  However, for those days of more than usual sun exposure (nothing like a tender run to go provisioning), I would recommend La Roche Posay Minerale SPF 50 with a tint because it has such a light formulation and doesn’t cause breakouts.


~ Eye Cream
~ Toner
~ Lip conditioner/ scrub
Dry Shampoo ( Batiste)
~ Make-up remover ( Clinique Take the day off)  *I can’t live without this!!

Top Tip:
Your skin tends to change on charter. You are running around more, constantly trying to keep hydrated but not always managing to do so. Your skin will start to adapt to the changes and may become more dry, or in my case a little oilier. It is important to balance this out. I can’t stress enough how amazing toner has been for me to balance my overall consistency!


I asked Harriet to share her 3 favourite purchases that she adds into her charter routine…

~ Purchase a nice shampoo & conditioner from a hair salon. This piece of luxury makes the world of difference on charter!
~ Gel nail polish
~ Hand cream {Our hands are in font of the guests daily so I try and keep them looking as well polished if possible. the gel nails will get you through a whole trip}


What are the key steps to your On Charter beauty routine?! Let me know in the comments below!

Big Hugs,


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