Free Junior Stewardess Starter Kit

You’re excited and ready to begin your yachting career, but at the same time, you’re thinking “What on earth will I actually be doing on a day-to-day basis? And HOW do I do it properly?”.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

For a limited time, enroll in our Junior Stewardess Housekeeping or Junior Stew Service courses and get your exclusive Junior Stew Starter Kit for free!

Your Junior Stewardess Starter Kit Includes…


Crew Agency Tracker

Stay organized with which crew agencies you’ve contacted & signed up to.

Dockwalking Planner

Organise your trip with our recommended spots and accommodations in Antibes, Palma and Fort Lauderdale.

Job Application Tracker

Keep your job search on track with what you’ve applied for and who you need to chase up.

 Packing Checklist

Never miss a thing for your yachting journey.

Cocktail Recipe Cards & Coffee Cheat Sheet

Impress guests with your beverage skills, print these off and take them with you.

PLUS, enjoy sneak peeks from our other courses:

  • 26 Questions you might be asked in interviews + how to give awesome answers (From the Junior Crew: How to Secure your First Yacht Job Course)
  • What to Expect as a Junior Stew & the Onboard Hierarchy- (From the Junior Stew Kickstart your Career Webinar)
  • Yoga flow to keep you relaxed.
  • Wine Masterclass: Serving Temperatures, Glassware, and Tasting Techniques with Premier Cellars

    Join either of these courses to get your free starter kit!

    Junior Stewardess Housekeeping:

    Starting your yachting career can feel overwhelming. Our Housekeeping course helps you feel confident and prepared. Learn how to keep a superyacht spotless, master laundry techniques, and the common mistakes to avoid.

    Junior Stew Service:

    Service can be nerve-wracking for new stews. This course breaks down everything you need to know to feel confident. From setting the perfect table, what all the different cutlery is for, to serving wine and making cocktails, we’ve got you covered.

    These courses teach you everything you ACTUALLY know to feel super confident when you step onboard, and the Starter Kit will help you plan your yachting adventure – everything from finding accommodation if you go dockwalking, all the way to making the perfect cocktail when you get onboard!

    At TYS Academy, we’ve got courses for all levels of experience, from Junior Stews, all the way to Chief Stews! Click the button below to check them out!

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