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At the core of this platform, I have always wanted it to be about Community & Collaboration over Competition.

So today, I am really excited to be sharing our first GUEST EDIT! Recently the lovely Alessia reached out to me and asked if she should write something for the blog. I asked what her passions were and she immediately shared about being healthy, fit and active, and how she balances it all while working on yachts. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to have someone share their thoughts & I am very excited to share the first of two guest edits from this surfer babe!

Hey, I’m Alessia!

I am originally from Italy and Argentina but grew up in the most beautiful place on earth…Bali, Indonesia. I am a passionate surfer and an active young adult. I’ve recently completed my Internationally recognized Pilates Matwork course and yearn to live a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle. 

Let’s chat about SNACKS (the healthy kind!). My favourite go-to is without a doubt a smoothie if you ask anyone I’ve worked with they will tell you that I am the Smoothie Queen! I love smoothies as they are full of nutrition and working on yachts, typically all of our meals are prepared for us, so it’s nice to make something for myself! To keep me on the right track, I always travel with a greens powder, raw cacao, turmeric, acai and maca powder.

So, I thought it would be fun to share my top three favourite smoothie recipes!

I have tweaked these over the years, so feel free to do the same based on your sweetness preference.

Chocolate Mint Shake

1 banana
Raw Cacao Powder
Mint Leaves
Any nut milk
Cacao Nibs
Top it off with Cacao Nibs

Berry Smoothie

1 banana
Mixed berries
Maca Powder
Chia Seeds
Coconut Oil
Coconut Water

Green Peanut Butter Smoothie

1 banana
Greens powder
Peanut butter ( I only use organic nut butter that doesn’t have all the added bad stuff!)
Any nut milk
Top off with Cacao Nibs

If I don’t whip up a smoothie, I’ll have some mixed nuts or a bowl of fruit topped with granola and some coconut yogurt (it’s DELISH!). Rice crackers with hummus, marmalade, peanut butter and banana is also a great tea-break snack.

If I’m hungry I always try to go for a healthier option like fruits or nuts instead of a packet of crisps or some chocolate. I tend to feel heavy when I eat junk, whereas if I go for a healthy snack, I feel lighter and still have plenty of energy.

Pro Tip: I always drink at least 2 litres of water a day! I often add aloe extract, lemons, chia seeds to my plain water.


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A huge thank you to Alessia for sharing her favourite recipes! Her next guest edit is all about stretching and her go-to pilates and yoga sequence after a long charter day.

Big hugs,

Gem xo

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