Five ways to be a better human


FIVE ways to become a better human during this isolation period.

Call Family & Freinds

You know, the ones that you have been putting off due to being “too busy”. You aren’t too busy, and now more than ever, human connection is what we all need. Isolation for many of us includes being onboard with your crew, however for far too many, it simply means being alone until normalcy resumes.

Tip: Put $5.00 on skype credit and call your grandparent’s home phone. I know my grandparents don’t quite understand texting, so calling their home phone is the best option.

Become An Organ Donor

When researching this, I was completely taken aback by how EASY it is to sign up! I’ve provided the links to the top five countries of those that read the blog below.

Did you know? One organ donor can save EIGHT lives!

UK: Click HERE
Canada: Click HERE
South Africa: Click HERE
Australia: Click HERE


According to Kiva, more than 1.7 BILLION people can not access the financial institutes they need. Kiva is a very simple and easy way to make a huge difference.

  1. You can choose a cause you would like to help fund, from agriculture to education to female entrepreneurs, you can select from their long list of options.
  2. From here, you will see a list of pre-approved (all requests for microloans go through a long pre-check process) and you can loan money in increments of $25.00
  3. This money is a LOAN, not a donation. 96.8% of loaners make their money back and 100% of your money goes to the field.
  4. So far, $1.4 Billion in loans have been facilitated through Kiva in 77 countries.

I first learned about Kiva through my mom who suggested I give this as a birthday present to a few friends who wanted donations to charity instead of gifts. 10 years later, this the gift that keeps on giving as they continue to reinvest their $25.00 in businesses around the world.

Write Letters

Share your adventures of life at sea with a child in need! Find an organization or orphanage that you feel connected too and start writing. Click HERE for a link to a global children’s charity that shares a few tips on what to share with the children.

Alternatively, you can write to the elderly in retirement homes or someone in prison. Inmates are less likely to wind up back in prison if they have a stable friend or pen pal and several organizations will assist in pairing you with someone.

Plant Trees

Do your part for climate change with  One Tree Planted. This non-profit organization focuses on global reforestation. They have a very simple mission, One dollar = One Tree Planted. Go online, pick where in the world you want to plant a tree and pay your 1 dollar, it’s as easy as that!

Some daily reminders…

* Listen more, talk less
* Be more positive
* Help others grow
* Be grateful for what you have
* Smile more. It’s contagious!

I hope this brings a smile to your face and gives you something to think about.

Big Hugs,

Gem xx

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