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A few years ago I started following a Stewardess called Arina on Instagram! Over the years we would be docked next to each other in beautiful Birish Columbia, Canada, but sadly, we never had the chance to meet in person. As luck would have it, a little over a year ago I needed a temp stewardess and Arina applied. Amazed by her experience (she did 4 years on one boat), and ridiculously excited to meet her, I immediately hired her!

This lady is the real deal. She has an incredible eye for detail, an unwavering passion for the Yachting Industry and is also the most encouraging and kind friend. Arina and I got chatting one night in Barcelona over Tapas and she shared about working with her twin sister! I’m incredibly close to my two sisters and I was so intrigued as to the Crew Dynamic and if they would do it again.

So today, I present to you Arina. A South African Chief Stew with a beautiful story!

It started with my brother…

My first position was onboard a world-traveling expedition yacht! It was a DREAM itinerary, so I ended up staying on-board for 4 years! Not long after I joined this vessel we needed a deckhand and I decided to send my brother’s CV to the Captain. He was immediately employed on-board and we worked together for 9 months (my brother then left the yachting industry and landed a permanent position at the Owners company). The two of us circumnavigated the entire North American continent together, taking us north to Greenland and then south to the Panama Canal.

And then…

A few years later we needed a Relief Stewardess and a Second Engineer. The Captain asked if my sister would be open to joining the team. I told my Captain that not only was my twin keen on the position, but my cousin fit the bill for the 2nd Engo position! A month later I had my twin sister and cousin onboard with me. Within a few short weeks, my cousin, twin sister & her boyfriend were all on-board! It was the most amazing time of life having a small part of my family with me.

Were you and your sister equals onboard in terms of responsibility?

I had a higher rank than my sister purely because I had worked my way up onboard yacht already. We had completed the same amount of time on yachts, but it didn’t bother either of us knowing that there was a hierarchy on-board. Being twins we knew each other so well that we didn’t even need to tell each other what needed to get done. Arisna respected my time and position on-board the vessel. Truthfully, we were just so happy to work together.

What was the hardest part of working & living with your sister?

As you can imagine, long charters or crossings while being on a small boat meant that we spent a considerable amount of time together. We allowed each space and time apart which was KEY! Yes, we had our moments but we never fought. We were professional when it came to being Stewardesses and the support system between us was strong. 

Was it difficult to work apart afterwards?

Ah, I find it SO hard to be away from Arisna. I would love to work with my sister anytime, any day. I miss her tremendously; she is such a strong lady I know I could always rely on her no matter the time of day.

Would you work together again now that you have progressed to Chief Stew?

I think if the opportunity arises and there is space for both of us, we would work again together. What I actually would like is to take a rotational position with my sister! I know we work in a similar manner and knowing that when I leave the boat my standards and systems put in place would be respected would be a dream!

Thank you so much Arina for giving us some insight into your beautiful sister relationship! I am now craving some sister time myself!!

Want to follow Arina’s adventures?! Follow her on Instagram @Arinahm

Would you ever work with your siblings onboard?! Let me know in the comments below!

Big Hugs,

Gem xo

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