Cigar’s: Types & Smoke Time


To continue learning, I have been taking a few online courses.

When deciding what courses to take, I asked myself…  “What topic would I be unable to teach the Interior about?”

Cigars came to mind, so I decided to try an online Cigar Course! Knowing the bare minimum about Cigars, I went into this course and was quite surprised at just how much there is to learn! Below are the six most popular (this may be debatable if you ask my Husband) cigars, their sizes and the recommended smoke time.

Understanding Cigar Shapes & Sizing

  • Cigars are measured in inches.
  • A cigar measurement is compromised of its length and diameter (the correct terminology for the diameter is ring gauge).
  • When a cigar is 64-ring (reminder – this refers to the diameter!), it’s exactly 1 inch.

Here is an example:
Petite Corona
4 1/2 to 5 inches long and a ring gauge between 40 and 42 (40/64th of an inch).

Right, let’s get into the cigars you are most likely to come across on board!


7 Inches Long
47 Ring Gauge
Thick, Heavy Smoke

Smoke Time: 1-2 Hours 


5 1/2 or 6 Inches Long
42 Ring Gauge
Very Light Smoke

Smoke Time: 50 – 60 Minutes


7 to 7 1/2 Inches Long
38 Ring Gauge
If smoked correctly, it can produce the most amount of smoke of all cigars

Smoke Time: 1 – 2 Hours


6 to 6 1/2 Inches Long
50 to 54 Ring Gauge
Known for being light & flavourful

Smoke Time: 45 – 60 Minutes 


5 1/2 Inches Long
50 to 54 Ring Gauge
Conical Shape

Smoke Time: 1 Hour 


5 Inches Long
40 to 50 Ring Gauge
The most popular type of Cigar

Smoke Time: 45 – 90 Minutes


Looking to complete the course I’m currently taking? Follow this link:

The course is typically $49.99. However, it’s on sale for $13.99!

I hope this has been informative! As I continue to learn through various courses, I will share!

Big Hugs,

Gem xo

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