Tips for Green Stews


Green (Junior) Stews, today is all about you!

Collectively with a group of amazing women, I’ve put together a list of tips to help you get started in the industry.

Before we start, I have to say a huge thank you to the following ladies who helped with this post! Your willingness to help junior crew is so incredible!


Buy a really good quality nude bra. Girl, you will LIVE in this while on charter!

Pack light, you WILL end up shopping on your time off.

Every person you meet is a potential contact. Present yourself in a kind & friendly matter, take time to listen to them instead of being the one doing all the talking.

Do a social media clean up! Captains, Chief Stews & Chief Officers WILL look you up. Lots of crew now have their profiles set to private.

Look presentable when going to an interview, buy a polo & a skort, tie you hair back with work appropriate makeup. You will walk in looking like you are already a yachtie!

Be willing to adapt to change. The boats plans will be unpredictable, you may never know where you are heading or when you next day off will be.

Whenever you are really missing home, send a voice notes back and forth with someone. Hearing my best friend or mom’s voice is all I need sometimes to feel as though home isn’t so far away.


Spend time on your CV! This is your golden ticket so update it and improve it regularly.

Buy enough face wash, make up etc. to last you a few months, it may be some time before you can go buy that specific brand again.

Stay positive, it can be so disheartening not getting a job right away – it took me almost 4 weeks! Be patience, continue to go to networking events, visit the agents, and spend your spare time exploring the area, believe it or not, you’ll wish you had embraced some of this “down time”.

Join a yacht with no commitments for the first year and yes, we will ask you during your interview if you have any plans coming up. If you DO have a commitment during the first year, be honest & tell the Chief Stew during the Interview. 

Bring a home comfort with you, for me its slippers & a dressing gown. I love wearing them around the cabin with a face mask on, it’s a little piece of home for me.

Invest in a kindle – cabins are small and book’s just don’t fit that easily.

Make sure that you always put some money away with each paycheque. You never know what could happen, the boat could sell or there could be a large crew turnover. 

For more tips on how to get started in yachting, click here!
Not sure where to start with crew agents? Click here for my list of top agents!

Best of luck to all of the green yachties who are just starting their yachting adventures!

Gem xo




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