Crew Agents


Crew Agents.

Most days I have a message or two asking about the in’s & outs of Crew Agency’s. To be honest, there are A LOT out there & every season more and more pop up. In terms of hiring crew, there’s a specific few that I use. Over the years I have been able to build relationships with agents & know that they are going to send me candidates that fit our specific job specs. I find it to be a little too much getting too many agents involved when looking to fill role onboard, they tend to start overlapping with one another & my email inbox gets a little crazy. So I know try to keep it limited to 2 or 3 agencies at most.

When I’m on the other end of it & job hunting myself, I sign up to EVERY-SINGLE-AGENCY. It takes time, it can feel overwhelming, but it is SO worth it. A few years ago while looking for a new yacht, I heard of a small boutique agency while out with friends on a Thursday night. I signed up Friday morning & by Saturday I had been contacted by a boat & joined them that week, staying onboard for over a year. That’s the funny thing about yachting, finding the right position is often about being at the right place at the right time.

I always suggest to crew that they login to their online profiles just before 8am Monday-Friday. Majority of agency websites are chronological order based off of when you last logged in. Basically, the more you login, the higher up your name will be on a master list & it increases the chances of you getting noticed.

Curious as to what is expected on a yachting CV? CLICK HERE!
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Below is a comprehensive list of active Crew Agents!
*It’s very possible I missed some agencies, let me know if I have & I’ll happily research & add them below. 


Quay Crew


El Crew Co

Lux Yachts

Elite Crew

*If you are looking to fill a Stew/Masseuse YPI has a great database of specialized stews!

Blue Water


Saltwater Recruitment

The Crew Hunter

JF Recruiting

Northrop & Johnson

Hill Robinson

Moran Yachts

Cotton Crew

Nautic Crew

The Crew Network

Wilson Halligan

Sovern Crew




Flow Yacht Crew

Saltwater Recruitment

Knot Spirit


Robson Crew

Helpful Facebook Groups:

Palma Yacht Crew, Antibes Yacht Crew, Fort Lauderdale Yacht Crew, Yacht Crew Jobs (jobs only), Crew Yacht Jobs (Med), Crew Yacht Jobs (Fort Lauderdale) 

Happy job hunting!


Best of luck with the job search!


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