Interview Preparation for Chief Stews! Part 1


Last week we focused on helping Stewardesses ace their Interviews and this week is all about the Heads of Departments. The crew members that have to conduct these interviews. My first interview with a Junior Stew was SO intimidating, I can vividly remember spending the entire hour pacing around the Master Cabin while on the phone.

To give you as much advice as possible, I reached out to four fantastic Chief Stewardesses and asked them to share their top tips when preparing for an Interview.

Meg ~ Chief Stewardess of 2 Years
How do you prepare for an Interview with a Candidate?

Make notes!!!! Once I thought I had interviewed enough people for the same position over the space of 3 days that I could just go into the final interview and rattle off all the info about the position etc from memory. I was so wrong! I was actually quite embarrassed, as I am sure I came off slightly unprepared and unprofessional…. my worst nightmare!

I always go into an interview with a printed copy of the candidate´s CV. I would have circled points I want to question or experiences I want to dive into. I also would have pre checked that all basic requirements (certificates, ENG1 etc) are in date and acceptable.

Lastly, I always test the Skype line/ the wifi connection/ the GSM boat phone line before I make the call. This way, I can avoid being late for an interview or starting off on a bad note.

Harriet ~ Chief Stewardess of 3 Years
How do you prepare for an Interview with a Candidate?

I type out all of the questions I want to ask the candidate so I am really prepared!
Next, I do a google search and check all of their social media accounts.
Pre-interview, I’ll make notes on their CV so I know what I need to clarify etc.
Finally, I always make sure I have a clear head before the interview so they have my FULL attention!


Alex ~ Chief Stewardess of 4 Years
How do you prepare for an Interview with a Candidate?

If we meet face to face , I usually try to spend and hour or so with the person. That would give me a good idea of who she is and what I feel about her. I always listen to my intuition and it never failed me.

It important to create relaxed environment as I know the interviews ca be stressful. If I meet in a coffee shop I would offer a coffee or something to drink.If on board It would go with same.And I will always show the boat during the interview.

During 6 years of interviews I learned one thing…its not about me to impress the Chief Stew or the Captain, but it goes both ways. Yes, Im here to get the job, but I had some interviews with really horrible Chief Stews. I remember once I was interviewed for a 2nd stew on 45m in Monaco. Captain and the Chief Stew interviewed me together on board.Captain was super nice and funny and I got great  vibe from him. On the other side the Chief Stew…there was nothing nice or friendly in her. Miserable person. Then I realised that I have to be with her 24/7, for good or bad…Do I want that? The next day Captain called me with the job offer and I didn’t take it. Simply because I knew that I don’t want to work with that Chief Stew.

Cantleigh ~ Chief Stewardess of 2 Years
How do you prepare for an Interview with a Candidate?

I will print out the CVs I have shortlisted and then write little notes next to each thing that concerns me or I am curious about so I won’t forget in the interview. (obviously I keep the notes to myself) such as if they put Schengen Visa I will want to know the exact time so id Probably as them to bring a copy. I will also have my pen with me so I can make notes on the CV such as polite, very funny… or a skill they didn’t think was a skill to put on their CV like loves doing make up or is great with photoshop.

I like to be as prepared as the candidate and make sure I can answer all the questions. There is no point someone coming over and I can’t tell them what they would be walking into. The ins and outs of the package, what we know as the cruising plan, not sugar coating the hours and being honest with the challenges they will face onboard.



Later this week, I will be sharing the final part of our Interview Series, and go through what questions you should ask every candidate during the Interview stage!

Big Hugs,

Gem xo

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