Massaging Your Heart and Calming Your Mind with Deep Breathing

In this episode of The Yacht Stew, I speak with Tarryn, a 2nd Stewardess from South Africa. Tarryn discusses a breathing technique known as diaphragmatic breathing (or simply deep breathing) which she uses onboard to combat feelings of overwhelm.

Breathing is something we take for granted considering it’s something we do every second of every day. By becoming more deliberate with your breathing, you can create an instant calm and help yourself become laser-focused anytime, anywhere.

Tarryn invites us to lie on our back and put a hand on our tummy. Breathe in through your nose for five seconds, deep enough so that you feel your hand rising. Hold it for three seconds before slowly releasing air through your mouth for a count of five seconds. Hold for another three seconds. Repeat this process at least five times. You may feel winded at first, especially if you’re not used to breathing deeply. But the more you practice this technique, the easier it gets, to the point where you can even do it while performing simple duties onboard.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • An explanation of Tarryn’s breathing technique and how it has improved her life
  • How deep breathing is therapeutic to your heart
  • Tarryn’s other advice for crew members who are feeling rundown or overwhelmed

Memorable Quotes:

“Breathing is something we do every day, every minute; so we kind of get sucked into this little bubble where we don’t realize how shallow our breathing is and what it can actually do if we did it properly.”

“If you are able to write down, as much as you can, of what you’re expecting from your day, it actually just makes you realize how achievable your day is, and that you can actually acomplish everything you need to with the day that you have, free of overwhelm.”

“It’s crazy how something so simple can actually make such a difference in your life.”


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