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When I started yachting, I arrived in Fort Lauderdale with THREE suitcases. You read that right, three large hockey bags full of copious amounts of clothing I never wore & tiny trinkets that were completely useless. Needless to say, when I had to fly home a few weeks later, I took everything with me & only brought back 1 large suitcase with a  small carry on – much, much better.

*Please note, this is NOT sponsored by any of the companies listed below, I just wanted to share the luggage & helpful packing products myself & Ben use.

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Checked Bags:

My preferences is the Burton Fleet Roller 90L. I’ve used mine nonstop for 5 years & it’s still in fantastic shape. Burton also has a lifetime warranty which is ideal as I checked my bag onto over 30 flights last year. This model has been discontinued, but I have no doubt the currency selection on the Burton site are just as good!


Ben’s preference is the North Face Large Duffel. He has 3 different sizes of this bag & is a serious fan. The duffel bags can become backpacks, so it’s really easy to get around.


Carry On:

When buying a Carry On bag, it HAS to be something big enough for a week long trip & light weight. 4 years ago, I purchased a soft case, roller Billabong Case. Since I bought it ages ago, I wasn’t able to find it online, however Roxy has a very similar bag, with identical zippered compartments inside. I used to have the above Hershel duffel as my carry on & while I loved the size of it, I found it really annoying carrying it through big airports & having to run to the occasional flight with it on my back. I now definitely prefer a Roller bag!


It’s no surprise that Ben uses the North Face Small Duffel for this Carry On. It’s absolutely perfect for shorter trips, or if you’re a minimalist like Ben, ideal for a 6 month backpacking trip – yup, he is currently traveling around SE Asia with this backpack duffel!


Packing Cubes.

My mom first introduced me to packing cubes & the first set she bought for me sat in my closet & I ended up leaving them with a crew member when I left the boat. I didn’t really see how these zippered cubes could help me when traveling. Since we have been backpacking the last few months, I have come to LOVE my packing cubes. The sort of “I could never live without you” love. They keep me ridiculously organized & make packing/unpacking an absolutely breeze. The below packing cubes are from Amazon, however you can pretty much find them anywhere these days & they aren’t expensive.

When we are next on a yacht, I am going to continue to use them in my cabin to keep my seasonal items organized. I like to pack away my winter wear in the summer and vice versa!



Do you have suitcase that you swear by?! Let me know in the comments below!

Big hugs,

Gem xx

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