Pivoting within the Yachting Industry


Pivoting within the Yachting Industry

In this episode of The Yacht Stew Podcast, I speak with Randi Barry on her unique path to becoming a chief stewardess and the founder of “the only festival for content creating yacht crew.” After a year-long stint serving as crew on a Feadship, the Canada native met her husband—and captain—Darren. They went on to work together running smaller catamarans, where Randi found herself learning new skills practically on the fly, such as cooking for charter guests. At one point, Randi and Darren decided to leave yachting and settle down in Fort Lauderdale. But it was not long after when Randi got an offer to be represented by Elite Crew International, bringing her back into the industry where she continues to build her career to this day.

Today, aside from working as a chief stewardess, Randi co-founded Adrift Film Festival—an annual nonprofit event and hub for content creators in the yachting industry—alongside filmmaker and fellow veteran yacht crew member Shelton Dupreez.

Listen in as Randi shares her hiring standards amid today’s uncertain climate, what it is like to work on board with a Captain who also happens to be her husband, and what to expect from this year’s Adrift Film Festival.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 
  • Tips to push your career as a yacht crew member forward
  • Considerations on hiring and onboarding green crew
  • Working on a yacht with your spouse
  • Bringing the yachting community together despite the pandemic

Memorable Quotes:

“Life will be a little easier if you’re willing to go with the flow.”

“People who are tenacious and try to make personal connections show the crew agents that you’re serious, open, and keen for the opportunity.”

“If you can work together on boats, you can get through anything, as far as marriages go.”

RSVP to watch the best videos from the yachting community this October 11 (Sunday), noon EST at AdriftFilmFestival.com, or shoot Randi an email at [email protected] or a DM on Instagram @randiatsea.

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