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In this episode of The Yacht Stew Podcast, I speak with Marién Sarriera of Yachts Mermaids. After over a decade working in the industry, Marién experienced what she can only describe as burnout, causing her to leave her role as Chief Stewardess for a brief period to recover. Over time, she formed a unique mindset toward work-life balance as a professional in the yachting industry—a mindset characterized by sustainability of body and mind.

Marién shares with us a technique she embraced to overcome an episode of suicidal depression. While coping during this period in her life, she came across a therapeutic psychological tool known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known to many as “tapping”. While at first skeptical of its effectiveness, Marién soon became astonished at how quickly the technique was able to help her make the shift from one state of being to another.

Listen in as Marién explains the simplicity of EFT and how you can begin to apply the technique to your own life today, step-by-step.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


Photo provided by @yachtsmermaid

  • What is “EFT” or “tapping” and how can you use it to reinvigorate your body and mind?
  • The power of reminding yourself to always live in the present moment
  • Three pieces of advice for crew members who are feeling rundown or overwhelmed

Memorable Quotes:

“When you’re overwhelmed and anxious, it’s because you’re living in the future. Anxiety only lives in the future, not in the present moment.”

“Honouring is very important. If, after tapping, you feel better but need time for yourself, then give yourself that time—as long as it’s from a place of consciousness and heart, and not from a place of fear and trying to avoid and run away.”

“Bringing awareness to whatever it is that’s overwhelming you takes the power away from the emotion that you’re feeling.”

Learn more about how Marién can help you overcome the various challenges of being a mermaid at sea at


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