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You may have noticed a little trend on my instagram recently. Each month I’ve been focusing on a different aspect of the Interior in collaboration with Ella & Emma – the ladies behind the hugely successful

This month has been based around purchasing interior items to go out on deck. With an endless list of items to purchase when setting up a new build or freshening up the interior for a new season, I’ve come up with my top 6 must-haves for the exterior. PLUS. Click below to download a FREE PRINTABLE, so that you can use it on any boat at any time!

Click here for: Recommended Items for Deck Set up 

Shoe Baskets

The guests will use these every time they leave the boat & it is one of the first things they see upon arrival.  Make sure the inside is always immaculate & the soles of the shoes are cleaned.


I like to have different lanterns for each deck, it makes it easy to recognize what goes where & gives each level a unique feel. As the season progresses, I always encourage the girls to get creative with them – fill them with foliage & a faux candle or use a brightly coloured candle surrounded by neutral rocks. They are always a great Centrepiece as well, providing they aren’t too big on the table!


Onboard we have replaced all of exterior flower arrangements with Succulents. Not only do they last the ENTIRE season (we took ours to the Caribbean & back), they also look incredible. With such huge variety of colours, textures & shapes, the guests always take notice. If you are ever in Barcelona, Marie at Paradiso Flowers does the most stunning arrangements & is brilliant at working within a budget!

Sunscreen baskets

I like to match the style of the shoe baskets, to ensure there is consistency throughout the exterior. We use baskets with removable linings that can go through the washing machine after every guest trip. This past season, I’ve introduced Coola sunscreen into the baskets, it’s completely organic & washes really well out of towels, unlike a lot of sunscreens that leave yellow stains. (This isn’t an ad – I just know how much of a pain sunscreen stains are!)

Scatter Cushions.

Work with the Chief Officer to organize a mixture of colours, textures (preferably something that washes easily!!) and ensure they are always perfectly “poofed”. We recently started using “Beach Pillows” from Frette (I recently posted about them on my instagram) and they are a favourite onboard! Not only are they incredibly soft, but they are also great for when guests have gone for a swim as the material soaks up all of the moisture!

Faux Candles

I have spoken about these candles loads recently. To be honest, I really didn’t like the thought of fake candles, they always looked old fashioned & didn’t have a realistic glow. Thankfully the Ladies at Centerpiece have made a believer with these incredible flickering candles. If you don’t have them onboard already, BUY THEM NOW!

The lists can be endless when starting from scratch, but ensure you focus solely on the essentials first!

Happy shopping ladies!! 

Big Hugs,

Gem xx

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