Dealing with the Barriers of Sustainable Change


Sustainable Yachting

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In this episode of The Yacht Stew, I speak with Gemma Harris. An eight-year career in the yachting industry combined with an interest in environmental sustainability led her to start Seastainable Yachting. This platform aims to “unpack all the world’s eco info and make it relevant and simple for the yachting industry to access.”

While many people understandably think of “sustainable yachting” as an oxymoron, Gemma points out that yacht crews tend to perform harmful “practices and actions” daily that directly or indirectly impact the environment, often without even being aware of it. She believes that the most effective change takes place from the bottom up. By bringing awareness to these unsustainable practices, Gemma hopes that the yachting community as a whole will be able to standardise best practices and a mindset that protects the marine environment while continuing to uphold the needs of the industry.

Listen in as Gemma shares how to adopt a mentality for change, communicate potential changes to your captain and fellow crew members, and promote not only environmental sustainability but cultural sustainability as well.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Understanding “sustainable yachting.”
  • Starting conversations on environmental sustainability
  • Examples of sustainable best practices
  • Tackling the barriers to change as a crew member
  • Why environmental considerations are on par with health and safety concerns
  • A primer on Gemma’s ambassador program

Memorable Quotes:

“The most effective type of change takes place from the bottom-up.”

“If there isn’t action taken by ourselves as yacht crew, then we may find ourselves without an industry in the future with the way the world’s going.”

“It’s the small actions and changes that are going to make the difference.”

Please find out how to make a change in our environment for the benefit of the yachting community at

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