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It’s that time of year when boats are crewing up for the crossing and getting ready for another sunshine filled winter in the Caribbean. Just this past week my 2nd stew pulled out everything from our onboard “Uniform Boutique”, every item was checked from top to bottom for stains, missing buttons and she determined whether it was suitable to distribute to new crew. We also used this opportunity to donate  lightly used uniform/shoes that are no longer used onboard.

While updating the onboard uniform, I asked on Instagram for recommendations on Skorts & Evening Shoes. A massive thank you to everyone who contributed to the below list, hopefully this will help!


Top 10 recommend Skorts:
*In no particular order & all of the skorts/shoes are linked to its webpage for easy shopping!

  1. Anchors & Dove – Tiered Strip Skort
    As pictured above! I have seen loads of girls wearing Anchors & Dove over the past two Med seasons, Prudence, the creative force behind the brand is brilliant!
  2. Crew & Tailor – Voluted Skort
  3. Marine Broderies – The Emmy Skort 
  4. Lulu Lemon (every time someone mentions this brand, I feel the need as a proud Canadian to tell everyone its a Canadian company!!)Skorts 
  5. Dolphin Wear Design – Venezia Skort 
  6. Deckers (they have now merged with Dolphin Wear!) – Ibiza Skort 
  7. Events Clothing – Bow Skort
  8. Taylor Made Designes – SLAM Gonna Havana Skort
  9. Liquid Yacht Wear – Go Go Sport Skort 
  10. Smallwoods – Horizon Skort 


Top 5 recommend evening shoes:

  1. Fitflop – Superchic Leather Black (P.S. they are on sale right now!)
  2. Airline Shoes – Lucy Flat 
  3. Aerosoles – Outrun Ballet Flat 
  4. Clarks – Neenah Garden Black Nubuck 
  5. Floating Life Style – Sole & Luna

I have no doubt that there are loads more options out there that Stews love in both the skort & shoe category. This is just a list based off of what was recommended to me this past week. 

Hope this list helps!

Gem xo

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