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Today, I thought I was start the week off with a bit of a different post… I am so fortunate that so many of you come to me with your thoughts, questions & concerns via DM’s. So I’ve put together a few of the recently asked questions, and decided to share them all here.

Any tips on best communication between the HOD & the rest of the crew? 

When it comes to work, make your boundaries known at the beginning so the crew know what to expect from you. In the past, I worked with a temp deckhand who thought it was funny to call the girls (myself included) sluts. So I told him straight away that I wouldn’t allow that sort of behaviour onboard & that he needed to show the girls respect & informed the First Mate. It never happened again, thankfully & there was never any doubt as to how the crew should talk to the Interior Team.Something I am always working on is talking to the crew in a clear & concise manner. My brain goes 1,000 miles a minute so I struggle at times to clearly discuss tasks with a stewardess & not ramble. If I have to go into a meeting with the girls, I prep notes ahead of time to keep things on track and depending on the meeting, I try to start & finish every chat with positive affirmations so they know how much I value them onboard.

After work, I will have a giggle with the girls & have fun. I am always aware though that I don’t want to create a double standard onboard for example: repeatedly going out far too late on a work night & feeling rotten the next morning. If I have to chat to one of the girls about this, then I certainly can’t be doing that myself. Luckily I really enjoy going out for a few cocktails or girls night, but also love an early night so I have never really struggled with this.


How long have you been in yachting & how are old are you?

I started yachting in October 2011 & turn 26 in March. For those of you doing the Math, I was indeed 18 when I started yachting & for me, it was the best decision I made. Though I don’t recommend joining yachting on your 18th birthday, I had already finished my University program & was very ready for the next chapter in life.

When are you planning to return to yachting?

It does slightly depend on our travel plans, however we anticipate looking for our next permanent position in August/September time. This time off was long overdue & I really needed to take a step back to full appreciate the opportunities Ben & I have had over the years on yachts.


Do you prefer private/charter yachts?

It 100% depends on what I’m hoping to learn/get out of the boat, so my answer is BOTH. (Sorry!) After 3 seasons in yachting on private boats, I joined a Charter vessel & without a doubt, learned more in 7 months on that Charter boat than I had the 18 months prior. Why? We did 10 weeks of charter & 4 weeks of guest trips in one season – we were insanely busy & I thrived off of learning in a fast pace environment. The level of service expected by the guests was far above what I had done prior & everything seemed to be on that next level. Private is what I have primarily worked on, for a few reasons. 1) Ben has visible tattoos, so we have found it easier to work on Private Yachts. 2) I wanted to progress in my career & I have found it to be more sustainable on a Private yacht with a work/life balance, so I can commit to a program a lot longer. 3) I crave relationships, genuine relationships and with Private I have been very fortunate to work for Owners who wanted the crew to be apart of their lives.

Moving forward, I’m back and forth about which direction to go next. I feel as though I need more of a challenge and would love to rejoin a busy charter program. Alternatively, maybe we will luck out with incredible owners on a Private again and do another 3 years like our last Private yacht. It really comes down to what’s available for us as a couple.

Is it easy to change boats?

Yes. I get very attached to the crew and Owner, so saying goodbye is a CHALLENGE, however every time I have left a boat it has been on my terms. It’s an adjustment moving to a new yacht, learning their systems, finding your groove onboard & getting to know the crew. In all honesty, I personally think if you are seriously considering leaving your current vessel, then you have to do it. Once you mentally decide to leave, your work performance is more likely to slip & you want to leave strong, as you NEED references. Every yacht will teach you something new, so view is as walking into a new learning chapter!

Thanks for reading & as always, if you have any questions for me, you can always reach out to me in the comments below, on instagram or facebook.

Big Hugs,


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