Pros & Cons of Yachting


It goes without saying that yachting provides intimate access to some of the worlds most exclusive islands, restaurants & activities. Sounds too good to be true? Potentially…  

When looking at yachting from the outside in, it’s hard to see past the glitz & glamour thats often associated with this intense industry. So I recently posed two questions to my instagram followers…

What are the Positives of working onboard?
What are the Negatives of working onboard?

Crew Birthdays at Anchor!
We were extremely lucky to have a Captain that allowed us to use the water toys when guests weren’t onboard.

Below is a short list of the over 200 responses I recevied! 

Let’s start with the positives!

Now onto the negatives!

  • Being sleep deprived on charter, sometimes I’ll only get 4 hours of sleep (@_jthack)
  • Seeing family once a year (@yachtstewsecrets)
  • You don’t get to have your “own” timeline – it’s up to the yachts program (@nauticnomad)
  • Far from family, long hours and not every roomie is pleasant (@georgialouisetosen)
  • Missing family events & friends weddings/babies etc. (@lauramak3)
  • It can be challenging to have a healthy life balance & your free time is delegated to you (@theyogiyachtie)
  • Nomadic lifestyle, hard work, miss out on a lot of things at home (weddings, birthdays etc.) (@gallichild)
  • WHEN PEOPLE LEAVE IT’S SO EMOTIONAL! IT’S SO HARD FOR MY HEART TO DEAL WITH (@poppydisleymay) I worked with Pops & can confirm that it’s recipicated! I miss her terribly now that we no longer work together!
  • Tight quarters, no privacy, can be monotonous work (@iamshelbytate)

Notice how the negatives list is much shorter than the positives? Yes, there are days when you’re underway, its rough weather & your stuck inside cleaning. There will also be days when you are overcome with happiness because you just spent the day at an untouched beach, while sipping on fresh coconuts. I focus on the positive & remind myself that just as with any job, bad days come & go, its the good days that I make an effort to remember.

Without a doubt, working onboard includes sacrifice, for some crew, these sacrifices are minor whereas others can struggle at times. My advice? Allow yourself to feel emotions & try to embrace every single opportunity that presents itself. I have always told myself that I would keep doing this job as long as it gave me JOY – as soon as it becomes unenjoyable, I’ve promised myself I will take a step back.

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SO curious to hear your thoughts! Do you find the positives outweigh the negatives? How do you deal with a bad day onboard? Let me know in the comments below!

Big Hugs,
Gem xx

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