Every Yacht stew out there will admit to doing a handful of ‘nautical’ themed nights. It’s an easy go to and charter guests love it! Over the years, I’ve created a fool-proof plan to make it as enjoyable as possible for the guests & quick for the stews set up.

1) Source some local yummies
This photo was taken in Maine, so after a quick chat with the chef we were able to get fresh lobster from a fishing boat just down the dock. It was a highlight for the guests being able to see the fishing boat that had caught their dinner!
2) Keep them keen550163_10152225411975181_108099987_n
Whenever I do a themed evening, I like to subtly let the guests know ahead of time. After lunch service, I often put an invitation to that evenings dinner on their beds. We let them know when cocktail hour will be served and leave a prop with the invite. For this dinner we put sailor hats on all of the beds along with antique map of the area.
3) Get involved
I will often get the whole crew onboard involved with the theme. The captain and first mate gave us some old charts & burned some holes in them to give it a vintage look. The bosun & deckhand used some extra white line to tie different knots for each place setting. The deck crew also used our onboard flags to spell out a special message along the railing.
4) Set the mood
We started off the evening with a delicious menu of cocktails & a unique playlist!
The Salty Dog
Fog Horn
Low Tide Martini
With some red and white stripped paper straws & anchor cocktail napkins, this kicked the night into full swing. We offered a ‘pirates tasting’ which was 5 different rums – the men onboard loved trying them out! I love to play around with music so I hooked up the boat iPad and played a spotify playlist called ‘pirates party’. The captain dressed up in his full epaulets to escort the ladies to the table – it makes a world of difference when the captain is enjoying the theme!
5) Continue the entertainment
Some guests enjoy a quiet meal while watching the sunset, other guests may enjoy more of a party atmosphere. We had an awesome group of 12 olde
r adults who loved a bit of a shindig! During dinner we
handed out some trivia cards about the boat, the crew and the area. We also had the deck crew come out after dessert to teach the guests how to do the different knots at their place settings.
6) Play it by ear
Often dinner can be the end of the evening, but I always prepare otherwise just in case. I lit up the sundeck with lanterns wrapped in rope and430645_10152225411730181_1656379849_n had another full bar set up ready to go. We continued with our specialty cocktails and set up a Photo Booth with a Polaroid camera for the guests to dress up and have a keepsake.
Overall it was an awesome evening for both the crew and guests!!
Gemma Hulbert
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Gemma Hulbert

Hello! My name is Gemma, the girl behind The Yacht Stew. After 7 years of working on yachts, I wanted to create a platform where I could share my stories, travels & passions. I have been asked a million and one times “What do you actually do working on a yacht?” – hopefully this blog will give you a good insight. I’m so excited to share my travels & stories with you.
Gemma Hulbert
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