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Fact. I SERIOUSLY adore the entire design process behind every table setting. Working with various textures, flowers & colour schemes to ensure every meal is an elaborate occasion is the perfect creative escape on Charter.

When I started yachting, I would rely heavily on design & floral books (thank you Martha Stewart!), however now with Instagram & Pinterest, inspiration is so much more accessible! As we hit mid-Feb, the midway mark for many in the Caribbean, I decided it would be a great opportunity to share with you my Top 6 Design & Deco Instagram Accounts. Sometimes I fall into the trap of repeating table settings & this year (when I get back on a boat), I want to focus on creating intricate tables that the girls will enjoy putting together & the guests will swoon over.

Just a heads up… I’ve included links to all of the Designer’s Instagram & Websites. I’ve also added a few of my favourite photos from their recent feeds! Feel free to click on any photo that you love & it will take you straight to their Instagram!

Fashionable Hostess

Follow for: Table settings & fresh floral arrangements (for ALL budgets)

Photo courtesy of @fashionablehostess
Photo courtesy of @fashionablehostess

Amanda is just fabulous. She’s a mom, designer, entrepreneur & she does everything with such grace & style. She is without a doubt one of the most detail orientated designers that I follow. Her blog documents every aspect of each table she shares, which is great for those of us that love to know more about the finer elements! Based in Miami, Amanda works with a variety of brands such as Kim Seybert, Pottery Barn & Walmart (a diverse mix!) and always links items that she shares. Life goal is to do a table setting mentorship with her (not sure that’s a thing, but it should be!).

Amanda is also a mom of 3 gorgeous little ones & she hosts the most INCREDIBLE events at their family home. I always scribble down ideas from her children’s parties – they are full of inspiration for when you have charter guests with kids!  Amanda’s insight into new deco trends & styling tips is incredible! The majority of the brands Amanda works with are already on most yachts & her page gives life to more traditional pieces.


Casa De Perrin

Follow for: Colour, Texture & Pattern inspiration

Photo courtesy of @casadeperrin
Photo courtesy of @casadeperrin

Where to start with this account? Honestly, it’s one of my all-time favourite visual accounts. Started by creative couple Josh & Diana, Cast De Perrin creates the most impeccable flatware, dinnerware & chargers. They have a unique take on luxury tabletop design, mixing and matching the most incredible pieces. As someone who struggles to experiment with patterns and colours, I find this account so inspiring!

I recently put pieces from their collection forward to be considered for summer parties onboard. I just love how they are consistently creating a new look, always pushing the boundaries of what you expect from the table setting. It’s so worth a follow! Tip: Head to casadeperrin.com and click on the inspiration page – this shows all of their designs mix & match!
(P.S. If my hubby is reading this… Ben, we are buying a set from their collection for our one-day house!)

Instagram: @casadeperrin

The Sassy Napkin

Follow for: Onboard table settings & napkin folds

Photo courtesy of @the_sassy_napkin
Photo courtesy of @the_sassy_napkin

I’m sure most of you have seen me post about Mischa before. Not only is she one of the most down to earth, genuine stewardesses, she is also insanely talented. Mischa shares her extravagant designs on her Instagram feed & provides constant inspiration on unique themes & colour schemes. She is becoming well known in the industry for her creative flair and use of colours in her tables. Recently, Mischa commented on Instagram that she highly recommends Zara Home & John Lewis for deco items – two places that will fit every stewardess’s budget!

Mischa has completely changed the way I view Theme Nights. She has done incredible themes for charter guests, everything from Harry Potter to Frozen. Luckily for us, Mischa has started filming a lot of her napkin folds & since she posts them on Instagram, you can easily save them! This lovely lady is so worth a follow to up your napkin game onboard!


Styled By Kasey Living

Follow for: Interior staging & home decor inspiration.

Photo courtesy of @skbliving
Photo courtesy of @skbliving

Kasey first off is SO brilliant. Her table settings are gorgeous & she pulls of themed dinners effortlessly! She recently moved into her newly built home in Idaho, utilizing gorgeous deco pieces that could be used onboard. Full disclosure, I admire how open and honest she is online. She often videos herself setting the table and isn’t afraid of a DIY project.

Her stories crack me up (she has a country alter ego called Janet) & she always finds incredible deals on decoration pieces – perfect for a stewardess that’s been given a tight budget! She is based in the states, so the majority of the links that she shares are for stateside companies. Having said this, I have checked the last few links and most ship internationally! Side note… Kasey has started a company called Boozie, a luxury canned vodka & soda drink. She often shows BTS of the distilling process at the factory, which I find super interesting & I admire her as a strong female entrepreneur.

Insta: @skbliving

Host To Perfection

Follow for: Cocktails, food staging & florals

Photo courtesy of @host_to_perfection
Photo courtesy of @host_to_perfection

Ran by sisters Carolina & Barbara this amazing duo are the ultimate hostesses! Not only do they share beautiful table settings, but they also post cocktail recipes, canapés ideas & some gorgeous desserts! It’s a one-stop-shop for an elegant gathering. The lovely sisters are fantastic at sharing DIY projects, on their Instagram stories & save everything to the highlight reel. I have learned a huge amount about floral arrangements from their feed!

I was already sold when I saw the page was run by two sisters (I’m incredibly close to my two sisters), I keep checking up on their page though because of their classic & timeless style. They style their tables beautifully with pieces that would work on most yachts. The two ladies are also great at sharing seasonal items, such as an Apple Cider Moscow Mule for fall (delish!).


To Have + To Host

Follow for: DIY tips, colour schemes & themed events

Photo courtesy of @tohavetohost
Photo courtesy of @tohavetohost

This page is my latest find & I’m over the moon that I found Lory’s page. With a focus on casual elegance, Lory is consistently creating incredible table settings that are unlike anything you have ever seen before. Remember the pizza & chick-fil-a themed tables I posted on Thanksgiving? They were from Lory’s page! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click HERE!

To have + to host offers a huge variety of content on the blog! Sharing hosting tips, recipes & a unique take on seasonal tables, this is a page that you HAVE to follow! Keep an eye on her stories as she often posts cocktail recipes (I’ve tried a few & they are fantastic!). I just love how fresh her page is, you won’t see the same style of tables as she consistently mixes it up.

Follow: Instagram 

I could have easily spent a month writing this post & add new favourites every week. Instagram has been such a huge source of passion for me with all of the incredible content creators out there!

A big heartfelt Thank You to the above 6 creatives that have helped inspire me over this past year! Make sure to give everyone a follow ASAP!

P.S. Did you know that The Yacht Stew is now on Pinterst? Click HERE to follow!

Big Hugs,

Gem xo

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