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If you missed part 1 of my chat with Colleen, then chat HERE to have a look. She’s the first person who told me all about yachting & it’s because of her that I’m in this industry! Colleen left boats after years as a Chief Stew & I often message her for advice while onboard. 

Colleen, you were so incredible when I started out yachting, you told me everything that I needed to know to get started! As the industry continues to evolve, what advice would you give to new stews?

Get your courses done and then go out and meet as many people as you can! Network! You never know who you might meet & who’s looking to hire someone. Also, try and remember that you can meet people everywhere. Behave yourself when you’re out at the bars! haha!

All dolled up before the Venice Opera!

YES! Network. Network. Network. My first stewardess position came around because I had made friends with the ladies who worked at Liquid Yachtwear! They passed my name & CV onto a Captain who had mentioned he was looking for a junior stewardess while buying some new uniform with the Chief Stew. A week later, I had my first job! The power of Networking! 

Speaking of networking…yachting has a funny way of connecting us all. Colls & I met up after 3 years while at the  Hops Store in Antibes, the opposite side of the world from our last catch up in Canada! I can remember how confused the bar staff were when she asked for a virgin mojito & it turned out she was pregnant with baby #1! How did life change after you had Cole?

My husband and I were working on board a smaller yacht together that was based in the South of France. The owners were amazing and provided me a flexible maternity leave with the condition my husband, who was the Captain stayed on board. We had an apartment in Juan Les Pins so I was still able to train new staff, assist with the accounts and help out when the boat got busy. For the most part though, I was able to say at home with our little baby. I finally ended up leaving the industry a year after I had my son Cole. Fast forward a few years later, we did a move back to Canada, had another little boy and now i’m settled here with my family. My husband is still working in the industry though. He has a 7 week rotation as a Chief Officer on board a 50m- but on the other side of the world from us.

You are the QUEEN of balance. I have no idea how you do it all!! Do you have any advice for stews who are trying to find the balance while doing a busy charter season?

It’s sometimes hard to take care of yourself when you’re working long hours, not getting enough sleep, partying too much (in your downtime) and often not the one in charge of your diet! Crew chefs do an amazing job but they have to please the masses so they can’t exactly cater to your regime! I would always try and “eat my veggies” and be sure to get enough clean protein. It’s also a good idea to avoid the snack stash! My two big tips would be

  1. Stay alkaline. I take a Greens Balance powder made by Arbonne every day. It’s crushed greens, reds, yellows and blues. You get the whole spectrum of fruits and veggies. Having a glass of this daily makes it easy to help counteract the coffee, stress and any other corners that we sometimes cut with our diets! (who is perfect anyway?!)
  2. A 5 minutes self care ritual. That is taking 5 minutes out of every day for a personal pamper. It can be as simple as a body scrub or a face mask! Looking after yourself revitalizes your energy and allows you to breath!

I could totally get behind a daily self care ritual! I try to do a face mask once a week if time allows while the guests are onboard and I always feel so refreshed afterwards. 



Now that you are back at home, living the Canadian dream, what are you working on?

Once I was settled at home, I started to wonder what I could do for work that would provide me with the flexibility to stay home with my boys, continue to travel, and earn an income. Too much to ask?? I had reconnected with an old colleague from when I worked in Sardinia, and she had also recently made a move back home (Australia) She had started her own on-line global health and wellness business, sharing all things Arbonne. I was watching her travel and live life the way I like to, all while working with people she loved being with! To be honest, I never saw myself joining a social marketing company, but sure enough life has a way of showing you just what you need, just when you need it the most!

I looked into the business model and I jumped in with both feet and haven’t looked back! One thing that most countries have in common, is that everyone loves looking and feeling their best! I love that through Arbonne’ Pure, Safe and Beneficial products, I can do that! Seeing so many women (and men) of all different ages, nationalities and experience already having achieved success… I figured there was nothing to lose, especially as I didn’t have to try to ‘fit in’ to a normal job after so many years of yachting and travelling.

I think that sometimes yachting ‘spoils’ us. We get used to great money, incredible travel, awesome people, great food, spending other peoples money and we don’t think about the BEYOND yachting era. I didn’t think about the fact that when I stopped working, life suddenly would get a whole lot more expensive. In hindsight I wish I had of started to build my on line business BEFORE I left yachting, so that when I took the plunge, I still had the freedom of choice as the money didn’t suddenly stop coming in. Better late than never!

Collen & I teamed up to do a giveaway worth OVER $300 of Arbonne product. Every item has been hand picked to create the perfect Stew Care Package! Head over to @theyachtstew for info on how to enter! Contest closes tomorrow!!

Want to follow more of Colleen’s adventures as she travels the world while working with Arbonne?
Check our her instagram @myarbonnelife

AND! If you would like to connect with Colleen to hear more about how you could set up your own global business while still on a yacht OR learn more about Arbonne, then check out her Facebook page:







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