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If you haven’t read Part 1 of my chat with the ever so lovely Bronwyn, then make sure you click HERE and have a read about the beginning of her yachting journey.

This gorgeous lady has been working on yachts since 2014 & is now a very talented 2nd stewardess.












When we first met, you wanted to focus on traveling the world & saving.
When did you decide you wanted to make a career out of yachting and start to move up?

It is very strange. I never envisioned myself wanting this sort of progression when I
started out. I just wanted to see the world and make money. When exactly it all changed I’m not sure but I have such a different drive and outlook now. I want to progress and still gulp up as much information and tricks for the job as possible.

Mostly I want to instil good working practices in the girls working with me. I want to inspire them to also want to progress. Even if it is just to move from a dedicated laundry position to housekeeping and being able to nail both. I feel like it can be anyone on board but it is definitely crucial to have a motivator onboard. I love being the weirdo, making silly jokes and singing morning songs.


Now that you’ve moved up (a huge congrats by the way!), how has your job role changed?

As second I have found it very hard sometimes when it comes to conflict onboard. Feeling trapped between the Chief Stew and the other girls in the team. Both confiding in me about a situation. It is hard to stay neutral and still have a personal bond with each outside of work and not have that effect the relationship.

All in all I like this progression as I feel I have been given a greater deal of responsibility and now I can understand my job and the working of the whole boat better. You also learn to respect people in their positions. Where before you might have slacked off your head of department for what looks to you like they are just sitting around on their PC, you realise how much admin this job has. Especially in our case where we came out of a nine month yard period and the boat had been laid-up for four years prior to that. So we are trying to put new systems in place and do an inventory of everything.

On charter I love it when I feel like I have gone the extra mile to put a smile on the guests face or sensed a need, and was able to for-fill it before they had the need to ask.

Im so excited to hear that you are embracing this new role & loving it! Over the past few years I know I have learned a huge amount about myself, what has been your biggest learning curve?

This is a tough question. The power of persuasion ? ( Still working on that one. )

In this job you will see, there are many ways to skin a cat. (sorry greenies) With experience you will see that and it comes down to finding the most productive method for your situation. Learning to hold your tongue when you disagree on a method as you have experienced it differently and like another way of doing a task. I guess maturity starts playing a role in these situations. Keep an open mind and remember that it is just a job at the end of the day.


Many times; like this past week, I have felt inadequate at my job because someone else rearranges the same space in a different way. I am trying to learn that sometimes people just like to rain on your parade because they don’t have the balls to just give you a pat on the back and tell you you did a good job.

Possibly, being yourself. I have had such a transformation finding myself. That together with a job where you can’t throw your toys out-of-the cot every five minutes has been a whole stage by itself. I am still working on developing a thick skin.

You might encounter a lot of ups and downs. I have learnt over the past few years not too freak out to quickly. A cat always lands on its feet.

(That you will work with idiots sometimes but that you will come out of the situation stronger and smarter at the end) {Tongue in cheek}

I think a big learning curve I had this past season was to learn not to necessarily apply your past experiences to another boat. The boat I work on at the moment have a lot of young children on over the season and I had a hard time learning to let my guard down and not be so formal with the kids as I would be with the adults. They would come over and play with us. The junior stewardesses would entertain the girls with braiding their hair and leaving towel origami on the boys beds. They enjoyed it so much and their parents thought that the girls were the bomb.

Thank you so much for chatting with me! I can’t wait to see where you travel to next. If you want to follow Bronwyn’s adventures, be sure to check out her instagram @red_alert!






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