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Today’s blog post is a little something I wrote last week…

Here’s a little life update from the Hulberts!

I am currently sitting in row 25 of an Easy Jet flight, flying back to Palma to meet the boat.Ben and I have just spent a magical week in the UK at a friend’s wedding. A week of down time after one of the busiest summer season we’ve ever had.



I tend to reflect a lot while flying, perhaps it’s the lack of internet that leaves me unconnected from the world. I’m sitting here thinking of all that I’ve accomplished in the past year onboard. From getting married to learning the intricacies of silver service, it’s been one heck of a year.

Truth is though, my passion has evolved over the last year and The Yacht Stew has stolen my heart. This blog, building a community of stewardesses who feel as though they can be heard and are listened too. Taking the time to share what I know and learn from other stewardesses around the world. Creating intricate table settings to share with all of you and showcasing other incredible women in this industry.

When I started yachting back in 2011, I only planned on doing a season. Now, 14 seasons later, here I am. So very happy with the incredible team of ladies I get to do life with every day & the husband I call way too often on the radio.



It may come as a surprise that tomorrow (September 20th) Ben & I are going to resign from our current vessel.

I feel as thought it’s really important to share that we are NOT leaving for another vessel – I would never do that to my Captain. Instead, we are taking  season out. Yup 1 WHOLE SEASON. We have only ever taken two 3-week holidays while employed in the past 5 years of working together. My other half is going to complete his OOW, while I go home for a month or so and work to my hearts content on this blog, my labour of love. Following that we are going TRAVELING before returning to yachting next summer. Those that know me really well, will tell you how big of deal this is. I seriously love my job, and for years, I could never imagine leaving a yacht without finding a new one right away. I’m what you would call a “workaholic” but in the best way possible! I have always lived for my job, my incredible girls & everything that comes along with being on a boat.

Once we decided to resign, signs were popping up everything that made me think,

‘YES girl, this is the right time’.

I was listening to a podcast and they were discussing entrepreneurship and finding that one thing that gives you life. After asking the interviewees to expand, one said, “When you get woken up at 3am because you’ve had another idea that is too exciting to pass on, that’s when you know you are on to something.” Guys, the night before, I woke up at 3am and made a note on my phone about a collaboration that would seriously help a huge amount of green stews. Following that, I saw the below Instagram post. It resonated with me more than I can explain. This year has been exhausting & I’ve never allowed myself that time to catch up or listen to my body. I stay up too late working on projects, only to wake up super early to continue working.



Needless to say, I cannot believe we are finally taking the leap into unemployment to have time together as newlyweds to visit completely new places. Our current plan is to start in Sri Lanka and take it from there! (If you have any SE Asia recommendations, please let us know!) If any of you will be traveling SE Asia during the Winter months, we would love to meet you! Who knows, maybe we could do a Yacht Stew Meet up in Bali? Maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself, I’m just so ecstatic right now.

I have a Million & 1 ideas, plans, projects and dreams that I am working on to serve you better through this little blog of mine. While onboard, I just don’t have the time to proper reply to every message and create consistent content.

Does this make me a Blogger? (Haha!) Who knows! What I do know is that I am so very honoured that you are following along on this journey and I’m elated to be able to share more and more of what I have been working on recently.

Big hugs,

Gem xo

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