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Stews, this month I’m so excited to be collaborating again with the ladies at  Centerpiece! With the Med season winding down, a lot of Heads of Departments are gearing up for a shipyard period. It’s often a busy time of doing overdue maintenance & updating various areas onboard. 

So today we are going through setting up a Guest Cabin. Whether it’s a new build, new owners or you’ve just been asked to spruce up the cabin over the winter yard period, it’s an important project. Before beginning the process, try as much as possible to see if the Owner or the Owners Representative can give you direction of the overall design, colour scheme & approximate amount of money allocated to the room. From there you can start to put together a plan.

A few key items to consider when putting together a Guest Cabin:

  1. Purchase 3 sets of linen per bed. This gives you 1 for the bed, while 1 is being washed & 1 in the closet as a back up.
  2. Luggage mats, do you want one with the boats logo on it, the word luggage printed on the front, or plain? I typically have 3 luggage mats per room onboard.
  3. Order a variety of sizes of slippers for both adults & kids – one size does NOT fit all.
  4. Organize a selection of adapters for the room.

Frette bathrobes, ordered through Centerpiece


To help navigate through the long list of items that need to be organized, Ella & Emma, (the ladies behind Centerpiece) have put together a great checklist.

Click the link below for a free Cabin Set-up Printable!

List of Items for Cabins Set up

I’ve seen a huge amount of stews trying to focus their efforts on going more GREEN in all aspects of the interior. So why not keep that going in a guest cabin?

Here’s a few tips for keeping cabins eco-friendly…

  1. Purchase toiletry dispensers that are refillable. I typically buy 5L drums and we restock the shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, hand wash & hand lotion every day on charter.
  2. Use glasses instead of small plastic water bottle. They can be washed every morning during turn up & can even be custom made to have the boats logo on the front.
  3. Have the chef make turn down truffles, chocolate covered fruit etc. Use what you already have onboard and in the galley instead of having multiple wrappers from chocolates every night.
  4. Use biodegradable garbage bags in both the cabin & the head.



I hope this helps with any upcoming projects!

Gem xo


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