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oday is all about a classic, Gin & Juice.



Last year I went to LA to go Wedding Dress shopping & finally had a chance to meet up with Melissa. I first met Melissa through an instagram challenge we both did a few years ago, we started chatting & realized that we had a huge amount in common (craft cocktails, traveling…)! It was also during a time that I was contemplating whether or not I should start a blog, I was really lacking the confidence and was so panicked that it would completely fail. Melissa was a huge support of my ambition to create a platform for stewardesses and really encouraged me to go for it.


When we met in LA, Melissa (who is a full-time photographer & traveller), brought her camera and we decided to shoot some of my favourite cocktails.

P.S. her instagram is a travellers dream! Check it out @Melissaschollaert


Moral of the story?

1) You can totally make real friends through Social Media

2) Tell your doubts to get lost & just go for it, if it doesn’t work out how you planned, at least you weren’t too afraid to try


So lovely stews, I give you one of my favourite, easy peasy & crowd pleasing cocktails.

I’ve called this one “Up the stairs”




1 oz. Gin
(I use Bombay as it’s a guest favourite!)

3 oz. Apple & pear juice
1 pink lady apple & 1 bartlett pear should produce enough juice!

*We didn’t have a juicer at our airbnb so we had to buy juice – not the same,
but still made for a yummy cocktail!

2 Lemon Wedges
(1 for squeezing & 1 for garnish)


Tumbler glass 



Fill glass with 1/2 full with Ice

Pour in Gin

Add Apple & Pear Juice

*make sure you strain the juice before putting it in the cocktail!

Squeeze in lemon wedge

Stir with a spoon


Garnish & serve

*When I serve this drink onboard, I use crushed ice & garnish with a thin pear slice. I cut the pear along the centre until 3 finger width from the top. This garnish then sits on the side of the glass beautifully!





Enjoy ladies! xo

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