007 Martini Bar


Martini Bar MenuBond. James Bond.

The perfect iconic theme for a very special guest & his surprise birthday party.

Everything from the choice of music to the decoration throughout the evening had to have that je ne sais quoi.

The classic shaken, not stirred quote first came about in Dr. No, the debut James Bond movie in 1962. This was the vocal point of our bar set up & perhaps one of the few times we didn’t recommend the martini be stirred. I came up with the idea to have a Martini bar. 4 different flavours of vodka, 4 freshly pressed mixer choices & 4 garnish options.

We always have seven different vodka brands onboard, for this event though we chose Absolut Vodka due to their variety of flavours & uniquely styled bottles. We spray painted 3 empty Absolut bottles from a previous guest trip & my very talented & artistic second stewardess hand painted 007 with the iconic gun onto the front of them. All seven bottles were lined up for the guests to see & choose from.

Aboslut Vodka Dirty Martini Bar

With countless options for our guests, we didn’t forget about the classic dirty vodka martini. Stocked up with bleu cheese stuffed olives & olive juice we were well prepared for what became the favourite drink of the night.

Such a simple set up & yet the bar completely set the tone for the entire evening.

With a martini in hand, canapes were served on silver trays and then a very special champagne toast before the four course meal was served.

P.S. Want to make the perfect dirty martini? I highly recommend using ‘Pure Sonoma Olive Juice‘. With guests from all around the world, we only used the best ingredients & they all raved about this all natural olive juice. Sourced from the Sonoma Valley wine region, I always have two bottles ready behind the bar!

Do you have a favourite martini combo? Let me know in the comments below!



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