Purple Haze


Ribena. A blackcurrant cordial & a childhood favourite of mine! Not only does it taste delicious, but its also  has a vibrant colour & thick consistancy making it perfect for cocktails.

To make this cocktail, you’ll need Raspberry Vodka, Ribera, Tonic Water & Lime


This cocktail not only looks delicious, but it is also really fast & eaimg_8541sy to make

  1. Fill your tumbler glass with ice
  2. Pour 1 oz of Ribena over ice
  3. Gently pour 2 oz Raspberry Vodka
  4. Slowly top with Tonic
  5. Squeeze half a lime & garnish with a lime

(Makes one)

We were able to be inclusive of all of the guests onboard, making the vodka optional for those who didn’t drink alcohol. You could also garnish with drink with blueberries & blackberries or anything you like!



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