Pillow Heaven


Let’s start by taking a nap or two. Good old Winnie the Pooh knew the importance of a solid nap!

Anyone else a huge fan of naps & pretty things?! If so, todays blog post is for you! When I started on my most recent yacht, the pillows on our beds were over 4 years old. It goes without saying, that they were pretty gross & needed to be thrown out ASAP. The ladies over at Centerpiece were amazing at finding us the exact sized pillows we needed (the pillow cases onboard did not fit standard sized pillows!) and created washable custom pillow protectors for us. With the new Pillows onboard, it was the perfect chance to add a little more personality to our cabin, so I bought us super cozy decorative pillows – perfect for an afternoon nap!


Below are a few of my favourite pillows that I’ve found online!



This Pompom pillowcase from Zara Home is currently on sale for £9.99. You’ll have to buy the actual pillow separately online. With it being white, it will add some brightness to your cabin, especially if you are on the bottom bunk!

Click below to check it out further!

Zara Home POMPOM Pillow

Next up is bold statement piece (that I’m totally head over heels for), it’s pink, velvet & covered in Cockatoos. This eclectic piece is by Elizabeth Scarlett & is available at John Lewis, costing £50.00.

Click below to check it out further!

Velvet Cockatoo Cushion


If you prefer a more classic, put together look, then this knit grey pillow is for you! With a zipper to easily remove & wash the insert, it’s perfect for on-charter power naps! This pillow is currently on sale for $29.99 on the Wayfair site.

Click below to check it out further!

Machias Throw Pillow



Can’t get enough of all things Nautical? This flip flop square pillow may just the perfect fit for you! It’s from Bed Bath & Beyond & costs $29.99.

Click below to check it out further!

Flip Flop Throw Pillow


Looking for the ULIMATE cozy pillow? I have you covered with this pink Bowyer Shag Throw Pillow from Wayfair. It’s still available in 10 colours & is currently on sale for $24.00.

Click below to check it out further!

Bowyer Shag Throw Pillow


I cannot wait to start designing my house one day & buy a million & one pillows. I hope this post has inspired you to get creative in your cabin!

Big hugs!

Gem xx

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