Antigua has quickly become the biggest hot spot during the busy winter season & I’m not complaining! With over 365 beaches on the Island, this sun & sand loving girl is all for this Eastern Caribbean Island.

I’m really excited to be able to share with you all of our favourite spots from Antigua & help you plan any surprise days off that may pop up!

Dreamy Porthole Views


Sadly the Treehouse Body Shop that is opposite English Harbour has closed it doors. This was my usual go to for waxing & acupuncture (something I first tried at the Treehouse).

I would recommend taking a taxi out to Sugar Ridge to visit the Aveda Salon. I had an amazing Facial & massage followed by some pool time, while one of my stews had a fantastic Pedicure. The bloody mary’s at the bar are also a lovely treat while soaking up the sunshine!

*There was a bit of a hair disaster at the salon portion of the spa for a few of the girls onboard, so stick to spa treatments & AVOID THE SALON!

The Pool at Sugar Ridge is just so BEAUTIFUL!!


South Point

This restaurant is the perfect spot for dinner if you are based close to English Harbour. With a chic, casual vibe, they have an beautiful menu featuring local Spiny Lobster, New Zealand Lamb & a fresh sushi bar. We always opted for the sushi & were never disappointed! If you are looking for a delicious cocktail while listening to their live jazz band on a Monday night, order the Obsession (it’s life changing!).
Bonus… the wifi is super quick, so it’s the perfect opportunity to endulge in sushi and cocktails while downloading & updating your spotify playlists!

Catherine’s Cafe

It’s no surprise that this restaurant is one of my favourite places in Antigua… Ben & I love all things French and the food & wine selection totally won us over. So when we found out that Catherines was walking distance from Falmouth Harbour AND sold beautifully authentic french food we had to check it out right away. We ended up spending a very boozy Sunday afternoon laying on large pillows, nibbling on Tartine Provençial, Steak Baguette & Lobster Aricini. If you are going to order from the Wine Menu, the Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley is fantastic!

Shear Rocks

When first arriving in the Caribbean, we had a day off in Antigua & we all made our way to Shear Rocks for the day. It was by far one of my favourite days in the Caribbean. They serve tapas at lunch time & a full dinner menu in the evening. The tapas are OUT OF THIS WORLD. It’s no wonder this restaurant is also a hot spot for guests wanting to eat off the boat for a meal. The food presentation is incredible & they happily serve pina coladas & rum punch to you in the plunge pool afterwards. If you like curry, try the Antiguan Goat Curry. Ben LOVES curry & thought the dish was amazing!

Paparazzi Pizzeria & Bar

If we were on the dock, the crew usually opted for take away food on a Sunday night, so when the Crew Chef came home one day with an authentic Italian pizza, we all ran out to buy our own. The food is delicious and they also cater to gluten & dairy free requirements which was important to some of our crew members. We ate there & did take away a few times & every time it was amazing! Great atmosphere to have a few cocktails & a pizza on a Friday & equally as good to eat it onboard while watching a movie. 



Fancy a day laying by the pool? Check out Boom. As part of the Admirals Inn in Nelsons Dockyard, Boom has their own tender to take you over to their infinity pool & day beds. You don’t have to pay to use a bed if you have lunch there (try the lobster salad) & they have poolside service, so you can relax in you cabana or hammock all day long while the lovely ladies will bring you cocktails! It’s a spot thats really close to yachts in Nelsons Dockyard & English Bay, yet you feel a million miles away. Pack your kindle & take a towel!

Hiking & Swimming

Head to Nelsons Dock yard & go on a short hike called The Goat Track that takes you high above the surrounding area to bring you some of the most stunning views of the entire area! The reason behind the name? Along the track, there are loads of goats & some seriously cute baby goats will often follow you around. The hike ends up at Pigeon Beach, so wear your bikini underneath your work out attire & go for a swim! My friend Gem & I would often do the hike, then head to Pigeon Beach to lay in the sun & spend the afternoon by the beach with our books.

Pineapple Beach Club

For a fun crew day, I recommend visiting Pineapple Beach Club. Last year majority of our crew went for the day & it cost around $80USD per person & we were allowed at the resort from 8am – 6pm. During this time, we had access to the entire all inclusive resort, including their 3 restaurants, two pools & countless bars. They have a huge variety of activities to choose from, including sailing, windsurfing & snorkelling. We had the best day there & it made for a lot of laughs. 


Lime Bar

It’s usually busier towards the end of the night, but Lime Bar is a great spot for live music. Quite frequently some of our crew members would get involved, playing the drums to join other crew for an open mic night. 


I bumped into so many crew members that I haven’t seen in years at Skullduggery! Its just at the end of the dock in Falmouth Harbour & close enough to the boat that I felt super safe walking there alone. Theres usually a DJ & they have incredible Espresso Martinis!!

We really enjoyed our time in Antigua as you may have noticed. After work we would often go snorkelling or paddle boarding & I often had to pinch myself. Yes, yachting is a hell of a lot of work, however time spent in these incredible countries around the world seem to melt the stress of the day away. Here’s hoping you get the chance to have a few days off in Antigua! 

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