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Hey there, I’m Gemma, the girl behind The Yacht Stew.

Most days you can find me writing a multitude of lists & checking off as many things as possible, singing my lungs out, with my hair in a bun & a cup of cold (I ALWAYS forget about it!) tea.

I’m newly married to my incredible husband and a devoted big sister. I’m a Yacht Chief Stew, unscripted yachtie blogger, organization nerd & a women who feels most at home while laying in the top bunk on my crew cabin.

I am mostly known for creating the online community that is The Yacht Stew. Encouraging women from around the world to share their wins & struggles in an effort to remind everyone that even though you may not set foot on land for the next 3 months, you are truthfully never alone.

People often remember me as someone who gives far too many hugs, gets overly excited over tiny details & is the ultimate extrovert-introvert. Monday nights are reserved for Peppermint Tea, Face Masks & Gilmore Girl reruns.

I love serving the world by sharing my passions, vulnerabilities & joys. Joining the Yachting Industry in 2011, right out of University, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. With my best friend by my side, we both managed to get our first jobs & what was going to be a summer of paying off student debt, turned into my career and over 7 years later, I’m still loving every second.

Throughout the past several years, I have seen a huge lack of resources to help women not only get started in the industry, but also excel throughout their careers. Unlike on the deck side, as Interior Crew, we don’t have set courses we need to take to progress, so instead, it’s up to US to push ourselves to learn more, think outside of the box & become creative forces.

When I’m not busy working onboard, you can catch me eating egg-free cake (allergies suck!), flying to the nearest sunny destination with my hubby & daydreaming about my future dogs (Marley & Rasc)

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me.

1. I’m probably the only yachtie you’ll meet that doesn’t drink coffee
2. I first saw my now husband through the porthole & for 3 weeks I daydreamed about meeting the ‘boy next-door’
3. I’m incredibly passionate about fostering kind & genuine relationships, so it was a no brainer to have crew from every yacht I’ve worked on at my Wedding
4. On my first guest trip, I realized I had never opened a beer before & fumbled my way through it in front of the Owner. (Don’t worry, I’ve practised since then!)
5. Mornings & I have had a tough relationship through the years, but we are learning to see eye to eye

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The best part about this social media community of stews?! Watching incredible women flourish in the industry!
@eloise_moolman & I first started chatting in 2018, a year before she started on her first yacht. In the past few years, I have loved watching her become a brilliant stew and be apart of amazing interior teams. She is such a positive light & it’s a joy to follow along on her yachting adventures. 
What are your favourite stew accounts to follow?! Share below!
Ever feel completely overwhelmed?! This week @theyachtstewpodcast is dedicated to YOU 💗

A few weeks ago, a brave stew messaged me sharing that due to Covid, the guest trips on her boat were becoming incredibly long & tiring. The amount of work felt overwhelming and she wondering if it was something I had dealt with myself. And YES, I know that feeling well!

I asked how others dealt with this on my stories and 3 lovely ladies messaged me with their tips & tricks. So I decided to turn these chats into a podcast mini-series. All of the episodes are 15 minutes or less with workshop style teaching.

I hope through this episodes, you find something that helps to release the stress & tension 💗

📷 @motoryachtawol
Happy Friday! This week was a BIG one for me (will share lots of details soon). In the meantime, let's finish off the week on a positive note? Share 1 good thing that happened to you this week below!
My hubby surprised me with flowers yesterday 💐 (it made me cry) and totally made my entire week!
Photo by the ever-so-lovely @madlittlehead
When looking for a job, it can feel as though you need 8 arms to keep up with replying to emails, updating your CV, staying on top of required visas, continuing your education & keeping crew agents in the loop. 
But what happens when something is out of your control? What if a previous employer is giving you a bad reference?
✨Reach out to that specific person and see if you can reach a resolution (do you now have a greater understanding of their POV? do you feel you can genuinely move on?)

✨Explain your situation to a Crew Agent, so they can speak to the HOD that's interviewing you

✨Be honest during the interview if it comes up, being genuine and upfront is crucial. What did you learn from the experience? How are you remaining positive and moving forward?

✨Ensure you have as many positive references as possible {written references are great, however, it’s even better to have references that are willing to answer calls and emails}

✨Keep you references updated with your plans so they aren't caught off guard with phone calls & have time to prepare

What advice would you give to someone in this situation?!


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Let's talk about anxiety.
Last night I fell asleep feeling quite anxious, which meant I didn't have a great sleep. I though I would share what I’ve done today to make myself feel better 🌸💗
This morning, I wrote out a list of everything that was giving me anxiety.📖 (Even the tiny things!) I then highlighted 3 items that I wanted to work through today & different ways I could turn that anxiety into a productive workday. I then put on my favorite Spotify playlist, lit a candle, stayed in my comfy clothes & started making my way through the list (followed by a 7k beach walk!). Feeling anxious is awful, so I just wanted to share in case anyone else is struggling today! You are stronger than this & I hope you are able to find joy today!
My goal of the day is to mirror this photo of Verconia, @theestew_ and have a moment of pure joy 🥳

P.S I’ll be sharing all of your tips and tricks on dealing with anxiety on my stories today and tomorrow 🌿

#yachtie #stewardess #lux #luxurylife #ocean #yachting #superyacht #yachtieworld #travel #travelbug #stewardesslife #summertime #yachtblog #theyachtstew #eventplanner #nautical #yachtstew #yachtstewardess #chiefstew
Content I have been loving recently...
Pop Chillout playlist on @spotify It's 6 1/2 hours long & perfect for background noise 🎶
Netflix docu-series called Get Organized with @thehomeedit . Clea & Joanna are organizing Goddesses who are very thoughtful in their process. This show is FULL of brilliant tips & tricks (plus in the first episode they organize all of Reese Witherspoon's movie costumes & who doesn't love legally blonde!) 👱🏻‍♀️
Untamed by @glennondoyle 🌸 FINALLY started this yesterday as I’ve only just finished Finding Freedom (the Megan & Harry book). I couldn’t put it down last night & I no doubt I’ll be finishing this one rather quickly.

What are you loving at the moment? Favorite playlist? Instagram account? Book? Share below!

#yachtie #stewardess #lux #luxurylife #ocean #yachting #superyacht #yachtieworld #travel #travelbug #stewardesslife #summertime #yachtblog #theyachtstew #eventplanner #nautical #yachtstew #yachtstewardess #chiefstew

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