YACHTSTEW Consultancy

We have developed YACHTSTEW Consultancy Services to optimise productivity at new build and refit stage from an Interior perspective. As Interior Managers, we have overseen multiple Interior projects from new build to refit. Using our extensive experience to accurately negotiate contracts, closely monitor the interior aspect of the shipyard process and establish clear and realistic goals for the interior department on board.

our goal is to ensure
the project is brought in:



To the high standard of the Owner

Our bespoke service

Full project management of Interior Operations
Supplier vetting and compliancy checks
Managing realistic time frames
Complete interior fit out; Owners and Guest Supply
Full delivery inventory
Establishing schedules, SOPs and training plans for the Interior team
Logistical solutions
Implementation of Interior Management Software


With a New Build, you’ll need HR & Recruitment Services. Following that, the Interior Team will need to be trained to the specifications of the Owners preferences. Luxm can over see the project in it’s entirety with YACHTSTEW Recruitment & YACHTSTEW Training Academy.


Interior New Build Project Management

HR & Recruitment for the Crew

Onboard Training for the Interior Team

We understand how unique, specific and diverse each New Build project is.
That is why YACHTSTEW will take the time to meet with the Client and then create a tailormade package to the needs of the vessel.
Here is what some of our past
clients are saying about our work:

Re-writing the script on professional development and build a more connected and supportive global community along the way.

YACHTSTEW Training Academy

I can’t thank YACHTSTEW academy enough, my career is exactly where i want it to be

Kelly Smith

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