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ome is where the anchor drops. Literally.


I’ve always been that stewardess who decorates her cabin with small trinkets from home or a collection of family photographs. To be honest though, it was only after meeting Ben about 5 years ago, that I realized just how important it is to make your cabin home. Somewhere to put your stamp on & feel comfortable.

With a busy Med season starting next week (yikes!) and potentially extended time spent at anchor, we wanted a place that would act as a mini relaxation sanctuary. So, I’m sharing with you all what we did to make our cabin feel like home & easy ways for you to do it yourself!


1)Photo Wall

We have a mini collage of photos on our wall. We have photos from our travels, a few from crew night outs, our engagement and my recent bachelorette party in Vegas. I love waking up every morning & seeing a wall of joyous time together – its the best way to start the day & so easy to swap and change photos as time goes on. *Make sure you use adhesive that wont leave residue behind…cabin inspections will be a nightmare otherwise! We use sticky tack. 

We have also started to buy prints for our walls. Pieces of art that we hope to put in our house one day! We always buy from local design studios & put a little note on the back of when and where we bought it.



2) Oil Defuser

I always want to make sure our cabin is a place to relax and unwind after a busy day. Whenever I go to the spa, I instantly feel such serentiy walking the through the front door & smelling eucalyptus or tea tree oil. A mini portable oil defuser does exactly that in our cabin! I bought one off of amazon along with set of 6 different essential oils & depending on what time of the day it is, I pick an oil. Lemongrass is my currently favourite & the soothing sound of the water puts me right to sleep at night.
*I only use this while in the cabin, for safety reasons.

Alternatively, if you would like something a little less intense and easier to buy, try a reed oil diffuser. I have just added one to our cabin from Ritual here in Barcelona & we are obsessed! Our cabin smells AMAZING. Ben & I smelt every scent in the shop and ended up buying THE RITUAL OF AYURVEDA flavour.



3) Decorative Blanket

For the last five years, I’ve travelled with a gorgeous navy & white blanket. It may sound silly, but I love sitting in the cabin with my own blanket, or reading a book on the sundeck laying on my blanket. Sure, the boat provides all of our bedding, but there is something lovely about having something that’s completely yours and not ‘on loan’ per-say from the boat. To add to our cabin, last Christmas Ben’s parents bought me a lovely knitted decorative pillow – another personal touch for my bed!



4) Lighting

Before buying minature twinkle lights, I asked the Captain, to make sure he was happy for me to put them up. He said a massive YES…as long as they were only on when I was in the cabin and turned off during the day & while I was asleep. With the logistics aside, I found some christmas lights while on a quick stop over in Gibraltar last season. The lights came in a tiny box & they are super light to carry around PLUS they are battery powered, so no need to worry about adaptors.



How do you make your cabin a home!? I would love to hear suggestions!









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